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Spotlight Theater Auditions for “The Deadly Game” – New Lenox, IL

Audition Date: Monday, August 15th/Tuesday, August 16th
Project: “The Deadly Game”
Location: New Lenox, IL

Now Casting/Open Auditions:

In June, Spotlight Theater presented Eric Bogosian’s Pulitzer-nominated Talk Radio, our first show in our own new home theatre to rave reviews. This fall, Spotlight Theater’s Studio will have its official grand opening, and in October, we will present the opener to our newly extended sixth season (now four shows instead of three), the rarely performed tale of suspense, The Deadly Game by James Yaffe, adapted from the novel Trapps by Friedrich Dürrenmatt.
In the midst of a snowy night, in the remoteness of the Swiss Alps, out of the swirling blizzard comes a knock at the door…the hand that produces the knock is attached to an American businessman, Howard Trapp, whose car has broken down. He is invited in and offered shelter, and sustenance, and, perhaps, a little entertainment…Trapp’s hosts for the evening are a kindly, retired judge and his amiable friends: an ex-prosecutor and a former lawyer among others, and they invite their guest to take part in a game they like to play on snowbound evenings such as this…a parlour game wherein they make up a court case to try. With the phone lines down, and no means of transportation, Howard accepts and takes on the role of a defendant on trial for murder. The game proves to be an amusing diversion…but as the evening progresses, Mr. Trapp begins to wonder if his fellow players might be taking the game a little too seriously…and a chill goes through him as the “judge” prepares to give his verdict…

“(The Deadly Game)…provides a steadily engrossing evening in the theatre.” – The New York Post

“…(a) literate piece of dramatic make-believe.” — Chapman, NY News

A cast of 8 is required including 5 roles for men (characters’ age range: 36-83), 2 roles for women (characters’ age range: 26-39) and 1 role that could be either a man or a woman (character’s age range: 64-68). (Characters’ ages do not have to be actors’ actual ages, and all ethnicities are encouraged to apply). More detailed character information is below.
Rehearsals (3 per week) and performances are at our theatre in New Lenox, IL. Rehearsal schedule T.B.A. after auditions. The performance dates are October 14th–16th & 21st–23rd (with the possibility of an extension). Actors will be paid a small stipend.
Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. No monologues required. Auditions will be held on Monday, August 15th and Tuesday, August 16th from 6:30-10:00 P.M. (no appointments necessary) at Spotlight Theater’s Studio, 22032 Howell Dr., New Lenox, IL 60451.

Character Descriptions:

Howard Trapp: (character age range: 36-43) Good-looking with a genial, self-assured manner; a kind of charm which comes from his vitality and apparent confidence.

The Judge: (character age range: 66-69) A benign, cheerful old man. His manner is amiable, almost cherubic at moments, but as we get to know him, we sense more and more his dignity, his self-possession, his inner strength, the strength of one who is able to make important decisions and arbitrate vital questions.

The Defense Attorney: (character age range: 64-66) A small man who seems quiet and unassuming at first glance, but turns out to have a deeply emotional nature. His moods vary sharply from melancholy despair to immense boyish enthusiasm.

The Old Man: (character age range: 73-83) Mild, gentle, just slightly senile.

Pierre: (character age range: 42-45) Mute, ungainly, strong, friendly, but with a suggestion of violence underneath.

Man or Woman:
The Prosecutor: (character age range: 64-68) Could be either a man or a woman. Tall, stiffly formal in manner with a constant sense of deep emotions always rigidly under control. In his/her rigid politeness, his/her razor-sharp logic, his/her cold adherence to law and to duty, his/her relentless exploitation of every advantage when he/she is prosecuting a case, the compelling force of his/her eloquence, he/she seems almost inhuman.

A Visitor: (character age range: 34-39) A smartly dressed woman, perfectly poised and confidant.

Nicole: (character age range: 26-28) Attractive, with a French accent, provocative and flirtatious, but not blatantly so.

More details are available at Spotlight-Theater.com or facebook.com/SpotlightTheater; or by contacting the director, Jeff Gamlin, via the submission form below or by calling our hotline at 708-941-8294.

Spotlight Theater is a recognized non-profit organization.

Casting Call Details:

Casting Calls Categories: Theater Casting Calls / Open Auditions
Audition Date: Monday, August 15th and Tuesday, August 16th from 6:30-10:00 P.M. (no appointments necessary)
Project: Spotlight Theater Auditions for The Deadly Game
Location: New Lenox, IL

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