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Soul Savin Production Auditions Notice for the Stage Play “Deadly Game” – Chicago, IL

Project: Deadly Game
Casting Calls Category: Theater
Location: Chicago, IL

Soul Savin Productions is Holding Audition for the Live Stage Play “Deadly Game” Written By Ms. La Savine Givens.

Date: February 23rd and 24th 2011
Time: 6:30pm until 8:30pm. Audition times are by Appointments only.
Where: Avalon Park District 1215 E. 83rd Street (83rd. & Avalon Park District) Chicago, IL.

Synopsis: A woman known for her beauty in the eyes of men, mastermind the art of a manipulator, deceiver and cheat. Blinded by selfish ambitious she has no limits she goes to strategize against her victims just to get what she wants. Its nothing but a game until she meet Darryl. Now the Game she plays turns Deadly.

Cast consist of: Six Men: African American, Caucasian or Hispanic
Four Women: African American, Caucasian or Hispanic

For consideration, please submit your headshot and resume. Also have a hard copy of your headshot and resume to present at the audition.

Come prepare to do 1-2 minute monologue and cold read from the script.

Contact La Savine Givens at 773-419-7593 or via the submission form below.
For more information about Soul Savin Productions visit our website www.soulsavinproductions.org.

Note: Audition times are by Appointment Only 6:30p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Jeff age 25-30: Finds himself in a dilemma with his fiancée Crystal who doesn’t care for his cousin Darryl for attacking her best friend Regina.

Crystal age 25-30: Is engaged to Jeff. She also is Regina’s best friend. Darryl and Regina’s issues has causes conflict with her relationship with fiance Jeff.

Tim age 30-35
Married couple and neutral friends of Regina, Jeff, Crystal
Alicea age 25-35

Darryl age 33-40: (Jeff’s cousin) endured many injustice in relationship with women. His emotional pain causes him to act in rage. Darryl vows no woman will ever betrayed him again.

Regina’s age 25-30: (Crystal’s best friend) Very attractive lady but a master deceiver, manipulator toward men. She self center and has no moral toward other when it comes to getting what she want. Crystal consider her action as a game. She has no remorse or conscience or limit of the pain she causes to get what she wants, until she meets Darryl. Then the game she use to playing becomes deadly.

Ms. Noni age 50-65: Nosy Tenant lives in the same building as Regina, and Crystal. She’s known as the Neighborhood Watch.

Walker: 55-65- Janitor who does daily maintenance services around the building. . Walker has an interest in Ms. Noni.

Carl (20-25) young and naive has in interest in Regina . He allows himself to be taken advantage by Regina who only wants to be bother with him on his pay day

Harold: One of the three man Regina’s takes advantage of. He exposes her.

Casting Calls Categories: Theater Casting Calls
Audition Date: February 23 thru 24
Project: Soul Savin Production Auditions Notice for The Stage Play “Deadly Game”
Location: Chicago, IL

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