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Seeking actors for student film “New Day”

“New Day” Production in Chicago, Il
Student Production in association with Flashpoint Academy in Chicago
Casting Now
To be filmed July 21st – July 24th
Auditions by Appointment

Contact— newdayproduction@gmail.com


Boy, 12-14 years old, smaller build
Troy, the protagonist, is a shy and peaceful sixth grader (12-14 years old) who is just looking to make some new friends. He is caught between his parent’s divorce and a tough transition to a new school where he does not know anyone. He is not very talkative and relies on his expressions to show his willingness for adventure in his interactions with Freddy. He is very loyal and shows it promptly when the school bully harasses his new friend. Although he does not show it upfront, Troy enjoys being around those who he can interact with, something observed when he takes his pet to school in his pocket.


Boy, 12-14 years old, 5’5” to 5’9”, Medium build
Freddy is the kid in class that always makes everyone laugh. This particular sixth grader (12-14 years old) is a bit of a troublemaker and enjoys attention, but seems to treat everyone nicely. He is liked by his peers and has a certain childish slang, a probable result from his very talkative nature. Although he may be popular, Freddy seems to lack a true friend that he can really get along with. Freddy might also lack discipline from his parents and is probably not under very strict guidance. However, he seems to live morally and gives (mostly) everyone his respect.


Boy, 12-14 years old, 5’7” to 6’,
Dunlap, the school’s bully leader, is the large matured sixth grader (12-14 years old) that only knows how to get what he wants from a physical standpoint. What Dunlap lacks in smarts; he makes up in strength and he uses it to his full advantage. He picks on everyone, even popular kids like Freddy. Dunlap is the kind of kid who can talk a mean talk, but is really a coward when it comes down to it.

Ensemble Cast: Any Gender and Age 11-14 Will play classmates to the principle actors.





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