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Chicago, IL Casting Calls: Short film casting for early-mid 30’s leads

Casting Call Details:
“Kept,” is a short film shooting in Chicago this summer. “Kept” comes from a place of secrets and unneeded burden. It’s a story about the secrets of health and how people respond to each other’s conditions and to their own. How do we grow and love and ultimately be honest when time limits that ability?

We are looking for lead actors for the following roles:

Early 30’s. Darker long hair to shoulders. Nearly 6′ tall. Slim body that loves flowy soft dresses. Calculated simplicity and comfort is her look.

Although Celine is terminally ill, she wants to live out her time without sympathy. She wants to search for good things abroad and share them with her community. She wants to be loved but doesn’t know how to let anyone in. Her mother kept her own illness a secret from Celine and her dad until near the end. Learning to grow into a woman without her mother has given Celine a certain strength and humbleness. Her calmness speaks volume. Her gentle steps are strong. Her passivity is admired. She wants someone simple who she can inspire to live. Her spontaneity attracts men looking for a new way to live. She keeps her illness a secret from all those around her.

Celine’s love. Mid-30’s. 6′ tall. Heavier set and strong. Short hair – balding. Thick shoulders. Has an eye for weathered boots and flannel. Average is his name. His walk isn’t fast but gets him to his few favorite places on time. His low growl is affectionate.

A wood chair designer by trade, has his own shop. No college education but a self taught thinker. Fascinated by intellectual curiosities, having grown up mostly poor somewhere in the middle of America. Has had a number of relationships that all end the same way after 6 months. His most recent urged him to not drink so much whiskey. Sensitive. He loves the simplicities of life but wants a long expected complicated life with someone he loves.

If interested, please respond with your headshots, reel, a story, your background, anything creative that helps us get to know you. The producers and director are searching for the right individuals for these roles.


Casting Calls Categories: Lead Roles Casting Calls / Short Film Casting Calls
Audition Date: Will be contacted through email.
Project: Short film casting for early-mid 30’s leads
Casting Call Location: Chicago, IL

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