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Chicago, IL Casting Calls: Auditions for all female cast of “A streetcar Named Desire”

Casting Call Details:
Project: All female cast of “A streetcar Named Desire”
Location: Chicago, IL

AUDITION NOTICE: A Streetcar Named Desire

Earth Pearl Collective (EPC), is an assemblage of cutting edge queer, black womyn
dedicated to creating performances and mixed media art events that enhance and promote
the visibility and success of queer black womyn.

EPC will be holding auditions for a reinterpretation of Tennessee Williams’ classic play,
A Streetcar Named Desire (Streetcar). The play will feature an all-womyn of color cast.

It is Earth Pearl Collective’s intention with this reinterpretation of Streetcar to highlight
the instances of domestic violence that occur within same-sex womyn of color
relationships, instances often overlooked by the mainstream media. It is also and always
our intention to showcase the talents of those who feel at home within the queer, black
and womyn diasporas. As such, EPC is seeking talented womyn of color to audition for
several roles. Details for the roles are listed below.

Audition Location & Time:
February 29- March 1st from 5:30pm-8:30pm
Adler School of Professional Psychology
Room 16-105
17 N. Dearborn Street Room 16-105
Chicago, IL 60602

More about the Play:
A Streetcar Named Desire is centered around Blanche Dubois, a southern belle from a
once affluent family. She moves in with her sister, Stella and brother-in-law, Stanley,
after losing her husband and family home. Blanche becomes the target of Stanley’s
contempt and abuse, as he unreasonably suspects that she is withholding the family
fortune from Stella, and thus himself. He harbors ill-will toward her from the moment
she arrives, and through violence and manipulation sets about destroying her already
weakened grasp on reality.

Roles to be Auditioned for:

Blanche Dubois- To be portrayed as a black womyn in her late 20’s-Early 30’s. Very
feminine, at times an act of overcompensation.

Stella Kowalski- To be portrayed as a Black American womyn in her a Mid-20’s. She
is Blanche’s younger sister and Stanley’s wife. Of a quiet, sweet disposition. Largely
passive in her relationship with Stanley.

Stanley Kowalski- To be portrayed as late 20’s-Early 30’s, woman of color. Harbors
a great deal of resentment toward Blanche and Stella for their affluent upbringing and
femininity, vastly different from her own gritty, lower-class upbringing.

Mitch- To be portrayed as a Transgendered Man of color, Late 20’s-Early 30’s. Stanley’s
best friend. Also, largely passive in his relationship with Stanley. A kind, soft-spoken
man on his own, but easily manipulated.

Eunice- To be portrayed as a womyn of color in her Early to Mid-twenties. Stanley and
Stella’s neighbor. She too is in an abusive relationship with her partner, and encourages
Stella to stick it out with Stanley.

Ensemble members- Three womyn of color of various ages that will play different
cameo roles throughout the play.

Please prepare one dramatic monologue and one personal piece in the same or different
artistic medium that showcases your strength as a performer (musical, dance, spoken
word, etc). The length of the two pieces combined should not exceed 8 minutes. You will
also be asked to do a cold reading from a scene in the play at the audition.


Casting Calls Categories: Theater Casting Calls
Audition Date: February 29th- March 1st
Project: All female cast of “A streetcar Named Desire”
Location: Chicago, IL

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