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Chicago Auditions: Casting call for student film Casting ASAP

Student at Northwestern is looking for two unpaid actors for a single scene to be filmed on the weekend of July 24-26 as a final for a film class. Auditions will be from 9 to 9 on Wednesday July 8, 2009 in north Chicago (Hollywood & Broadway).

The Roles:

MALCOLM JACOBS a.k.a. “X”: (African-American male Age: 20-28)

Malcolm is a high-school dropout and small-time drug dealer in rural small-town Tennessee. X is charismatic but immature, running from responsibility like a plague despite fathering several children around town. Like most of the men that he has been exposed to during his life, he believes it is his right and duty to be as selfish as possible because in his mind nothing is ever his fault and he somehow is always a victim of circumstance. He enjoys the ego boosting attention and sexual benefits of being a not-so big fish in an even smaller pond. But letting his personality flaws spill over into his “business” dealings is starting to get him into real trouble. That fact along with the whispers from his conscious growing louder has begun to make him think that maybe he does need to straighten up, at least for a couple of months. Maybe.

JANETTE RANDALL (African-American female Age: 19-27)

Janette is X’s high school girlfriend from the same small town. She graduated and has been working at the only local fast food restaurant for the last couple of years. After several years, Janette seems somewhat drained by the overwhelming responsibility of being a single parent of two. While she still has strong feelings for X, her pride and love for her children have forced her to finally face the truth about him and their so-called relationship. Janette simply wants the best for her children and if that means a life without X, then so be it. That is until he shows up…She is disappointed in herself for still caring about X, acknowledging that eventually he always causes her and her children more pain.

Casting Call Category: Student Film Casting Calls

Location: Chicago, IL


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