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Casting Call for Untitled Independent Film – Chicago, IL

Casting Call Details:
The film is a black comedy about two sisters, Harriet and Valerie. Harriet, a self proclaimed visionary and artist, has engineered her most elaborate project yet in an attempt to demonstrate the transformative capacity of theater- and her sister Valerie is its key component.

Using a small troupe of actors, Harriet convinces Valerie that she is dying and that this small circle of individuals is her support group, who openly invite Valerie to join them in their bizarre therapy sessions. This small group of actors soon bite off more than they can chew, however, when the therapy sessions lead to several shocking revelations about Harriet and Valerie’s respective pasts.

The film will be shot in a low tech, almost documentary like approach, putting emphasis on performances over visual glossiness. The process will be very actor driven, and there will be some improvisation/on the spot changes as scenes develop. Many scenes will be rehearsed beforehand and shot from start to finish without stopping, and cut together based on the strongest acting moments (think John Cassavetes or Lars von Trier).

Characters to be cast (unless otherwise noted, all types considered):

Valerie – Female, Caucasian, late 20’s. Leading role. Must be able to play submissive. Valerie is a strong, independent person despite being very deeply (and secretly) wounded. She has long since been the victim of Harriet’s wild, relentless games and creative experiments. Despite this, she loves her sister dearly, and usually plays along with her games for her sister’s sake.

Ferdinand Allen – Male, 50’s and up. A dying man with a horrible secret he shares with Valerie. He has a misleadingly sweet, befuddled demeanor, but his darker side shine through briefly.

Stanley – Male, late 20’s/early 30’s. Up and coming business man, wealthy for his age. Because his time has spent earning his fortune, he has not developed social skills and is frequently unnecessarily abrasive. He meets Harriet while waiting for an “escort” and unknowingly falls victim to one of her theatrical experiments.

Angelica – Female, 40’s and up, Latin/Hispanic. Must be able to speak with a convincing Spanish accent. Harriet’s downstairs neighbor, frequently impatient with Harriet’s shenanigans.

Harriet’s performers:

Mia – Female, African American. Mia is Harriet’s strongest actress, and as such, is frequently given the most demanding scenes. Level headed and professional normally, her “in character” persona is overly emotional. Sufficient range is required.

Kelsey – Female, early 20’s. Kelsey is the youngest of Harriet’s group and is perhaps the least experienced. Openly confrontational in real life, her “in character” persona is the least confrontational of the group.

Yotam – Male, Middle Eastern. Yotam is the most directly confrontational of the group, both in and out of character. He is intelligent, slightly pretentious.

Dr. Leonardsen – Male, late 20’s/early 30’s. A friend of Harrier’s who was perhaps studying to become a doctor at one point in his life but has since become actor, playing a doctor in Harriet’s games. His “in character” persona is very astute, as he leads the group through most of their “exercises”.

Although Valerie and Harriet are significantly larger roles, all eight of these characters will be given a chance to flex their acting chops. We are not looking for “prop” actors!

Any actor interested in any of these parts can contact me with a resume and head shot. I don’t have a time scheduled for auditions yet, but I am willing to look at video auditions if a specific actor can’t make it/would prefer to do it that way.

Casting Calls Categories: Lead Roles Casting Calls / Independent Film Casting Calls
Audition Date: TBD
Project: Untitled Independent Film
Casting Call Location: Chicago, IL

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