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Casting call for Indie web-series (Chicago) Casting ASAP

Indie filmmaker in Chicago is looking for several unpaid actors for a four webisode miniseries to be filmed on several weekends of August and September. Other then a few main characters most of the roles only require one day of shooting. The series will be used to generate publicity and financing for an expanded project. Auditions will be from 11:30am to 5pm on Saturday, July 25, 2009 in Chicago (25th & Oakley).

Interested parties please e-mail me with headshot and resume at voxpariahfilms@gmail.com or call and leave a message at 312-287-5364. I will return all calls and mails by that evening and will confirm times, location, and answer any other questions at that point. Also, please prepare a short monologue for the audition and be prepared to do a cold read.

Thank you,
Carlos Correa

The Roles:
THE MESSENGER: (White or Latino male Age: 20-32)
The Messenger is an Angel in human form. While he may look young, he is thousands of years old. He wanders the streets of a metropolitan city on a mission to deliver a series of vital messages to a people with fading hope. The thriving city appears to be fairly innocuous, but it is merely a façade. Hidden from the naked eye a dark evil lurks which will stop at nothing to prevent the messenger from completing his mission.

CALEB QUINTIN: (White or Latino male Age: mid 20’s to early 30’s)
Caleb is the pastor of a small inner-city church which has come under attack by the local community. He is in the midst of a crises of faith that has caused him to question if he is on the right path.

CRESIL: (White or Latino male Age: 18-30)
Cresil is the Demon of impurity and laziness, in human form. He is an underling of Raum, the Prince of the City. Though he is not very powerful, he more then makes up for it in agility, acrobatics and ferocity. (requires a little special effects make-up and light prosthetics.)

OSCAR MAZOR: (Any race male Age: Mid 30’s to late 40’s)
Oscar is a self-employed realtor, who serves as a deacon at New Hope Community Church. He resents all authority, especially if the person happens to be younger then him. He sways the board to back him as he tries to force Caleb to either sell the church building or resign.

STEVEN TICE: (Any race male Age: late 20’s to mid 30’s)
Steven is generally a good guy, but is easily swayed by others. He grew up with a domineering mother and married a domineering wife, so he tries to avoid confrontation if at all possible. He blindly follows Oscar in his bid to pressure Caleb.

BOBBY BURRELL: (Any race Age: 13-17)
Bobby is a young kid from the neighborhood who was heading down the wrong path before he stumbled upon the New Hope church. He credits Pastor Caleb with rescuing him from a life of crime and drugs.

SILVIA CORTESE: (Any race female Age: mid 20’s to early 30’s)
Silvia has worked as the secretary for New Hope Community Church since it opened. She’s a dedicated hard worker who loves helping people. She is still struggling to get over the loss of her husband of 2 years. He was a marine who died in the Iraq war.

DEBBIE FORTE: (Any race female Age: 19-32)
Debbie is the oldest daughter of a retired Military advisor. Her mother died when she was very young so she took it upon herself to keep her family together and sacrificed her own happiness to make sure they succeeded, so she took a job as a receptionist to stay close and watch over them.

ANTHONY PERETTI: (Any race male Age: 30’s-40’s)
Anthony Peretti is a self made millionaire who is going through a personal crises in his life which threatens to tear apart everything he’s worked hard to build.

JESSE HOLT: (Any race male Age : early to late 30’s)
Jesse is unemployed and desperate for a way out of his current situation. Not only did he lose his job, but he also lost his wife to his best friend. He lives in virtual squalor in a cramped 1 room apartment and feels his only salvation lies in the barrel of a gun.


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