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Casting Call for Independent Film “A Survivor’s Guilt” – Chicago, IL

Casting Call Details:
A Survivor’s Guilt
Independent, Feature Length (60-90 mins), Non-Union Film

Production location: Chicagoland Area
Director: Josh MacNeal
Audition Location: TBA
Compensation: Yes, varies depending on role.
*All payments allocated between shoot days.

Auditions: March 1st – 10th (Auditions may be scheduled earlier.)
Call Backs: March 12th
Rehearsals: 8 Rehearsal Days
Rehearsals Start: March 16th
Rehearsals End: May 26th
Principle Photography: 8 Principle Photography Days
Shooting Starts: June 1st
Shooting Ends: July 21st

Submit headshots and background info/resume via the submission form below.
*Also include what roles you are auditioning for.
All headshots and background info/resume due by: February 25th, 2013

Synopsis: After a fatal car accident, Diana, a career-focused woman, must deal with the circumstances and conditions that have arisen after her husband’s death while her sister, who is addicted to heroin, begs to move into her home. All the while, Diana is forced to keep a secret that lays underneath the surface of long simmering family drama…a secret that could tear her world apart.

Casting for the following roles:
• Diana
• Tobias
• Kimberly
• Les
• Father
• Junior
• Group Mediator
• Group Member #1

Character BIOS:
Diana, also referred to as Di and D’ana, is the protagonist. The story is being told from her perspective. Diana is highly educated; she went to the University of Chicago for economics. She works for an insurance firm downtown. Diana is a career-driven woman, and her work consumes her life. Her life goals and motivations are to make money and advance her career. She feels depending on others is a sign of weakness. Diana does not want children until she knows she is secure in a career path with a large steady income. She fears lacking control over herself and the situation at hand. Everything must go her way. Diana keeps her emotions to herself; for she views showing emotion is a sign of weakness. She speaks with affluence but due to her black background, and being raised on the Southside of Chicago, she has a “hood” quality to her speech. She is very anal, and things must go in a certain way and people must act a certain way to her standards. Kimberly is her sister, and Tobias is her deceased husband.

Tobias, also referred to as Toby, is the deceased husband of Diana. The story revolves around the circumstances after his death in a car accident. Kimberly is his sister-in-law. Les is his best friend from college. Tobias is a white male. He would be described as a stereotypical nerd. Glasses, lacks a sense of any style, or rather he just wears jeans and a t-shirt. Tobias is also highly educated. Tobias is a software developer for a company located downtown. He seemingly has no bad qualities, except being passive rather than active. He cares deeply about family, and wants to be a father.

Kimberly is Diana’s younger sister who is user of heroin and other drugs. She is a user but not a stereotypical junkie. Kimberly was born and raised on the Southside therefore she has a hood quality to her mannerisms and style of speech. It is not ghetto or stereotypical but subtle slang, phrases, and tone of voice. Kimberly moves into Diana’s home after Tobias’s death and Diana attempts to get her off drugs and to still attend class regularly. Kimberly’s appearance is urban casual. She is messy and lacks etiquette. Kimberly is promiscuous but discrete. She has an addictive personality.

Les is a tall attractive black man. Les is the best friend of Tobias and had an affair with Diana. Les works with Tobias at the software firm. He is a database administrator. Les does not want kids. But he is fearful of getting a woman pregnant. Nevertheless, Les is very promiscuous and sleeps around often. He loves to have a good time and is very extroverted, goofy, hood, and quick-witted.

Father is the father of Diana and Kimberly. Tobias is his son-in-law. All he wants is for his daughters and all black people in general to do right. He consults with both his daughters and is willing to do anything for them, even though he only makes enough to sustain a basic living. He is an older black man. He was born and still lives on the Southside of Chicago. He graduated from high school and worked for the steel mills in Chicago. But after the steel mills closed, he does construction now. He is a religious and moral human being. Always doing right, especially for his family. He has a slight southern drawl like all Southside black people.

Junior is an overweight hood Puerto Rican. He is the comedic relief to the drama of the story. He is Les’s close friend who helps consult him about the affair with Diana. It was at his party that Tobias and Diana met. Junior grew up Catholic and is a high school drop out. He now manages a fast-food chain. Junior has had many past crazy girlfriends. He is very cautious now of the women he speaks to and dates. Junior, the same as Les, just wants to live a simple life of making money and having fun.

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Audition Date: TBA
Project: Casting Call for Independent Film: Paid Acting Jobs
Casting Call Location: Chicago, IL

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