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Student Film Casting Call, Toronto

We Know a Guy Productions – Casting Call

May 7th, 2008
A student film with IAODT
Registration Number: 36321
Union: Union & Non-Union (Non Paying)
Area of Media: 16mm Short Film
Cities for Response: Toronto (GTA)
Producer: Joel Potvin
Director: Josh Smithson
Casting Director: Patricia Williams
Casting Associate: Cherise Keown
Audition Location: 39 John Street CBC Building 8th Floor Rm. 893
Auditions: May 17th 10am-5pm & May 18th 10am-5pm
Shooting Location: 39 John Street CBC Building 8th Floor Rm. 888
Shooting Starts: June 7th
Shooting Ends: June 8th

Audition Requirements: Please bring a headshot along with resume.

Synopsis: Kevin, a 19-year-old boy is struggling with his sexual orientation. After hiring a female and a male escort to have sex with him in his hotel room, he discovers that sexuality is a lot more complicated than he thought. His progression to this discovery leads to a phone call to Jill, a suicide hotline operator, for guidance. Can Jill help Kevin through this hard time or is his fate already decided.


Kevin: An attractive and physically fit, but depressed 19 yr old boy who has finally decided to take matters into his own hands and get to the bottom of his sexuality. He is determined to figure out once and for all if he is gay, straight, or bisexual. (partial nudity)

Female Escort: A young woman (18-25) who enjoys her job. She is doesn’t care about who is paying her just as long as she is getting paid. While on the clock, she likes to put on a show for her client. (Non-Speaking) (partial nudity)

Male Escort: A young, boyish guy (18-25) enjoys sex and loves getting paid for it. No matter the size of the client, he likes to take charge and give him what he knows his client wants.
(Non-Speaking) (partial nudity)

Jill: A suicide hotline operator, who is articulate as well as good listener. She is professionally trained to help the caller get through his or her trouble without ending his or her life.

PizzaGuy: Typical delivery boy, mid 20’s.

Nudity: There are two sex scenes in this film. One shot in the second sex scene will involve a “butt shot” of the main character Kevin. The rest of the scenes have suggestive sex & nudity, however the actors will be requested to be nude on a closed set. This does NOT mean they have to be nude. This production is fully prepared to work with the discretion of each individual actor. An actor’s refusal to be nude will NOT hinder his or her chances at getting the part.

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