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Everybody Dies! – A Horror Musical – Toronto, ON

Taking place at 25 Mayfield Avenue (TTC: Bloor/Runnymede)
Dates: February 3 (5PM-10PM) and February 4 (3PM – 8PM)

E-mail to schedule an appointment. Drop-ins are welcome, but expect a wait.

PREPARE: a short monologue and a song or musical number. All the roles in this play involve speaking and singing parts.

PLEASE bring a head shot and resume. This is important.


A girl attempting to move on with her life has moved to a new town looking for answers. She unwittingly befriends Johnny, the serial killer who has chosen her as his ultimate victim. Sweeney Todd meets Grease.


Vanessa: High school student. Naïve, romantic, and jaded. Vanessa is a broken-hearted girl who moves to Townsville to get away from her abusive Nazi-boyfriend, and to get over her mother’s death. She believes she’s found a new friend in Johnny, and hopes that it will blossom into love. She tries to remain friendly and happy through the tragedies.

Johnny: Early 20’s. Emotional, socially awkward, possessive. Johnny is a perverted serial killer who needs the screams of his victims to drown out his mother’s endless nagging. He chooses Vanessa as his ultimate victim and will do anything to get her before anyone else does. His love will bring them together.

Lionel: Older teacher, early 40’s. Manipulative, educated, and ruthless. Lionel is a cannibalistic psychopath home-ec teacher who preys on the local students. His lifestyle is relatively unthreatened until he crosses paths with Johnny and they happen to target the same victim.

Dirk: 18. Brutish, insecure, and self-centred. Dirk represents a path in Vanessa’s life that she is trying to avoid. Dirk is a Nazi who is abusive and insensitive to Vanessa’s needs. He is single-minded and selfish.

Mother: Undead. A nagging voice that haunts Johnny. She remains after death to make sure he does his chores. She acts as his pseudo-conscience, trying to get his to act as a responsible adult. Her voice resembles Fran Drescher, or any obnoxious jewish mother.

Royce: High school student. Leader of the boys in the school. He is the athletic alpha male, and a troublemaker. Royce is a bit of a womanizer. Bobby and Sam follow wherever he goes. Is dating and cheating on Sally.

Bobby: High school student. Royce’s right-hand man. Bullies people alongside Royce. Likes to party and is oblivious to how other people feel.

Sam: High school student. The patsy of the group. Not very bright, a bit naïve, but not as mean as the other boys.

Fran: High school student. Snobby hipster-type who rejects anything new, and only befriends people if they offer something in return.

Amanda: High school student. Fran’s best friend and shares most of the same traits as Fran.

Sally: High school student. The ditzy bubbly girl, and girlfriend of Royce. She has no problem being Fran’s lacky, but deep down isn’t as mean. Her catch phrase is “yeah,” and it precedes everything she says.

Dad: Older father figure. An oblivious, chronically-absent father figure. He looks for simple solutions to life’s problems. Optimistic to a glaring fault. Uses gardening as a method of forgetting the tragedies in his life





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