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Auditions for an Indy Horror Film Non-union Paid (Canadian Actors Only)

Casting Call Details:
“Texas Road”
SYNOPSIS: A camping trip deep inside the forest is a last ditch effort to help a group of troubled teens overcome issues ranging from sexual abuse to drug addiction to suicide attempts. Away from the pressures of home, school, and society, they plan to make some progress toward healing their emotional scars. However, this goal is interrupted when from the very first night they begin to disappear.


Kyra-(17-23)-An average looking girl, depressed, quite and unsure of herself.

Damon-(17-23) Attractive athlete cares only for himself and his image.

Harlan-(25-29) semi-nerdy, college graduate who has a strong faith that he can change the world.

Tammy(17-23) lives on the wild side, hard core druggy and partyer. Attractive and able to make guys do what she wants.

Josh-(17-23) lives life on a whim takes nothing to serious and has no life long goals but to get high

Mark-(17-23) a rebel without a cause but is loyal to his friends and girl.

Liz-(17-22) a cute girl, cheerleader type who lives life to party and have a great time.

Nadine-(25-29) the typical college graduate professional, a pretty woman, but not glamorous.

Calvin-(17-23) Frustrated with his inability to connect with people and a giant loner.

Casting Call Location: Canada
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