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Open Auditions for a 35mm Emerson College BFA Film

Open Auditions for a 35mm Emerson College BFA Film
Sunday April 19th 2-6p


FELIX-Male Caucasian, 30-50: A mob boss that defies stereotypes. He is jovial and generous in life, but cut-throat in business.

VICTOR-Male Caucasian, 30-40: The reluctant driver fro the boss who refuses to carry a weapon. Brother to Clarence.

CLARENCE–Male Caucasian, 25-30: The younger brother of Victor who’s fast talking sensibilities have found him working for the mob and in way over his head.

MORGAN- Male, Caucasian, 30-40: A cold-blooded killer. He does the work that no one else wants to and is completely disconnected from it.

CHARLIE-Male, Caucasian, 30-50: The “other” boss. He crosses Felix in an attempt to gain power.

FLETCHER- Male, Caucasian, 30-40: Wannabee mob boss. He is Charleie’s #2 guy.

BROOKS- Male, Caucasian, 60+: He’s seen and done it all and now acts as Charlie’s henchman.

EVELYN-Female, Caucasian, 20-30: Smart, sexy and mysterious she runs with the boys.

LOUNGE SINGER-Female, Caucasian, 20-30: Sultry songstress that keeps the boys entertained.

Contact Casting Director Jackie Carr for more information.

Location: Boston, MA

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