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Casting zombie short film “Another Day of Death” (Boston, MA)

JACK, a lonely zombie in a desolate land, solemnly wanders in search of love and happiness. After failed attempts at satisfaction through the mauling and consumption of surviving humans, JACK finds WHITNEY. True love seems within reach, when suddenly a GROUP OF HUMANS ruins the moment. JACK inflicts a wound on SARAH, one of the survivors, and the group escapes. JACK pursues the group and after eating them, finds SARAH; a newly-transformed zombie. JACK has finally found love, as the couple walks off into the horizon sharing a severed hand.

JACK: A lonely zombie, who desires some form of companionship. Somewhat self-loathing; falls for WHITNEY but then loses her to gunfire and is attacked by a SURVIVOR. SARAH ambushes him, but JACK inflicts a deep wound before she gets away. Confronts the GROUP OF HUMANS again and eats them. The wound causes SARAH to become a zombie and he falls in love with her.

MAN (Speaking): Injured human who attempts to run away from JACK but has his arm ripped off in the process

WHITNEY: Female zombie who shares a ‘touching’ moment with JACK before having her head blown off.

SURVIVOR: Hits JACK in the head with a baseball bat.

GROUP OF HUMANS: Helps injured man after JACK had ripped off his arm. Later gets decimated by JACK.

SARAH (Speaking): A survivor that attempts to attack JACK, but gets into a struggle that leads to injury. Separates from the group when her injury worsens; becomes a zombie and falls in love with JACK.

Auditions will be held on 120 Boylston Boston, MA RM 419A on Thursday from 6-10 and Friday from 6-9

Note: That this is a student film and you will not be compensated for the performance you give but will be reimbursed for transportation.

Please contact me using form below or on my cell at (775) 750-5008





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