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Casting Call for Multiple Final Project Student Films at CDIA at Boston University (March 1st, 2nd)

Four students are seeking both union and non-union actors for their final film projects. See below for a description of each film and its roles.

Casting Sessions Will Take Place:

Monday March 1st: 1PM-7PM
Tuesday March 2nd: 8:30AM-12PM

Callbacks: Tuesday afternoon/evening

To book an audition slot please respond indicating your availability. Please include your headshot and résumé in electronic form in your email response if you have it available. Also, please indicate in the title of your email which roles you would like to audition for; you may read for several roles. Sides will be provided upon arrival, but please bring two copies of your headshot/résumé.



Diana is a middle aged woman struggles through life having adopted four girls with her now ex husband and having remarried a year later, getting fired from her job and overall, coping with her daily schedule. After a month of having constant headaches, memory loss, anxiety attacks and depression she decides to talk to her long term psychiatrist about her newly occurring symptoms. Diana’s psychiatrist suggests hypnosis as a possible solution to finding out the causes of her symptoms. Within the hypnosis, the psychiatrist finds that there is more information hidden deep within Diana’s mind that he had foreseen. The psychiatrist makes it his mission to find the causes of Diana’s problems and to help her resolve any long lost traumas that may or may not exist.

Meals, credit and copy will be provided.




Diana is a typical woman. Shes married, has four adopted daughters from her previous marriage and has a split personality. Diana has been seeing a psychiatrist for years about her everyday problems, but one day Diana decides to discuss some strange symptoms that she has been experiencing more and more frequently. Her psychiatrist suggests hypnosis as a way to finding the causes of her symptoms. Diana cautiously agrees to the hypnosis.


Dr. Preminger is a psychiatrist who has been seeing Diana, professionally, for years, helping her with any problems in her day to day life. One day Diana comes to him and tells him that she has been experiencing some strange symptoms. Having been trained in college to perform hypnosis and being curious as to why Diana has been experiencing these peculiar symptoms, he recommends that Diana try hypnotism as a source to finding the true reason behind her new symptoms.



This short film is a character-driven piece about a deeply shy man with a possible unspecified intellectual disability, who spends most of his life in his bedroom listening to techno “trance” music. He lives with his sister, who comes home one night with an unpleasant date. An altercation and intense anxieties lead the three characters to a stylized shared mental space where they can tell the truth before returning to reality.

We are seeking UNION or NON-UNION actors for the three roles. MONETARY COMPENSATION will be provided, in addition to transportation, food, and a DVD copy of the work.

SHOOTING DATES: Currently scheduled for March 15, 16, 17. To be shot during the day except for one brief night scene.


Aaron is a gentle, serious person who loves his sister, doesn’t speak much, and stays in his room most of the time. He may have an unspecified intellectual disability, but he must not be represented in a sentimental or patronizing way. He is exquisitely emotionally sensitive, even if he is not socially savvy. Aaron is a challenging–but we believe quite rewarding–role: he must dance awkwardly in his room, then go into a sort of panic and throw himself against the walls of the room (safely!). Very few lines, much emotional intensity. No dancing ability required; Aaron’s dancing is off-tempo rocking, jumping, and swaying, for the most part–but he deeply loves the music.

Aaron’s sister is level-headed, kind, but perhaps a poor judge of character. She is lonely, but otherwise has a life she enjoys. She’s used to looking out for herself and for Aaron since their mother passed away a few years ago.

Doug is Natalie’s date. He tells everyone he’s a “professional business negotiator” who closes important deals and travels the globe, but that’s awfully unlikely; he probably has a trivial low-level job at a large company. He wants to feel in control and to save face, no matter the cost. He’s prone to drink too much and boast about his life. He believes you should never, ever show weakness. He has very low self esteem.



Cleaning House brings together a high-powered, neurotic mother, Helen and her mixed-media visual artist daughter, Julia over the death of Helen’ mother. Prying into the significance of a note Helen is obsessing over after the funeral, Julia accidentally precipitates a turning point in Helen’s emotional life, one that might allow the women start to accept each other after years of resentment.

We are seeking union and non-union actors. Monetary compensation will be provided in addition to meals, credit and copy.

SHOOTING DATES: Currently scheduled for March 13th and 14th


JULIA (20s-30s, Helen’s daughter)
Julia is a mixed-media visual artist who has struggled her whole life with her mother Helen’s neurotic need for order and cleanliness and general disapproval of her lifestyle, which precipitated from her choice not to go to college, but instead to be a “dirty artist”. She found solace in her relationship with her grandmother, who believed in and supported her as she pursued her career. Her grandmother’s passing means she must come home and face her mother after years of being our of the house. Julia has a lot of frustration built up over the fact that Helen went decades without acknowledging her mother only to show up to see her right before she died. Over the course of the film, Julia will come to question everything she thought about her mother’s motivations and realize there is room to love her for exactly who she is. Julia is independent, lives in a studio by herself surrounded by her dark works of art, and smokes (the last is preferred, but not necessary).

HELEN (40s-60s)
Helen is a high-powered business woman. She has been divorced from her husband for many years and lives alone in her perfectly appointed house. She has a need for clean and order bordering on the obsessive-compulsive, which has alienated her from her messy artist daughter Julia. Much of her neurosis stems from abuse she suffered as a child at the hand of her father. Her mother, who knew of the abuse, but never acknowledged it, has just passed away, her last act being the passing of a note to Helen in which she perpetuates her denial of what Helen suffered. Julia’s return for Helen’s mother’s funeral forces the women to confront each other and Helen’s past. Over the course of the film, Helen finally shares her trauma, and by doing so creates room for a real relationship with her daughter. Conservative and driven, Helen has relied on herself her whole life; keeping order is emotionally important to her.



Two brothers reunite after four years, revealing the treasures and angst brothers have towards one another. Clues are given throughout this piece, revealing one brother’s inclination towards murder, and the other brother’s reaction to it.

Confident and experienced actors please apply. Also interested in UNION or NON-UNION actors for this one roll. No Compensation.

We will be staying on location for two days, with one overnight stay. Shoot will go one late into the a.m. on day one. Please be advised.

Meals, transportation, housing – on shoot, credit and copy will be provided.

SHOOTING DATES: Currently scheduled for March 9th and 10th.


Male – late 20’s/early 30’s – no specific build in mind for the shoot. Conventional domestic lifestyle character ( job, wife, kids ). Business casual type of attire. Jacob is visiting his brother Martin, after 4 years of separation. Jacob was always the normal one, while Martin always had his quirks. Jacob assumes a lot about his brother, and doesn’t expect much out of him. But this judging a book by it’s cover does end in this relationship. There is a constant bantering back and forth between brother’s until it is on the brink.





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