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Urgent Casting Call for Web Video Series (Baltimore, MD)

Casting Call Details:
A local Baltimore video production company is shooting an ambitious “Mission Impossible” style video series.
3 Episodes in total for a local client. The video is to promote a product release. There is a budget, but
the shooting is ambitious so it will be tight.. Their will be extremely high production value and we need a
cast of high quality local talent.


overweight, messy, Philip Seymour Hoffman type, computer whiz, holds up in his apartment, keeps to his computers.
Think Kevin Smith in LIVE FREE or DIE HARD

button down, straight-laced, all-american, mid 20s/early 30s, handsome and wholesome

late 20s, early 30s very sexy, beautiful, exotic, she makes eyes turn when she enters a room, as lethal as she is sensual, a dangerous femme fatale

very well put together, handsome, all business (30s?)

he’s our hero, he can take down terrorists and still look good doing it. He exudes masculinity. Woman flock to him. A simple look is all it takes.
Think TOM CRUISE, or whatever hero you want.

40s/50s, presidential type, has a handle on all the goings-on in the US government, he is strategic and focused, diplomatic, a politician through and through

Two assistants
FEMALE: young, IVY leaguer, a go-getter, she always has her smart phone with her, she is constantly dedicated to her job, she
MALE: early 20s, fresh out of college, social climber, young and hungry and ready to make his mark

We need someone with their own NINJA BIKE, who is a capable driver. Think Stunt Driver.. Even though their will be minimal risk..

5-8 Reporter TYPES looking for a wide variety of looks.. Young, old, NEW YORK POST type guy who is a little sloppier..
WASHINGTON POST TYPE Guy who is a little more buttoned up..
Some of the Reporters will get lines.

Need to own great cocktail dress, and be able to flirt with your eyes/smile. 20-30

Casting Calls Categories: Web Series Casting Calls / Lead Roles Casting Calls / Extras Casting Calls
Audition Date: TBD – Shooting early February
Project: “Mission Impossible” Style Web Video Series
Location: Baltimore/Maryland

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