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Baltimore, MD Casting Calls: Casting full length independent low-budget horror movie “The Serpent’s Tongue”

The Serpent’s Tongue is a full length independent low-budget horror movie by Bad Lemon Productions.

Simone is a beautiful but shy girl who is devastated when her father is killed in an accident. The only person who keeps Simone from a catatonic depression is her best friend, Star, a pretty goth girl with a sharp sarcastic wit. When Simone discovers a family heirloom necklace in an old chest it reveals her father’s true heritage. She is shocked to discover she is a descendant of a Sultan of the Ottoman Empire whose death was a murder rooted in black magic. Simone is seduced by the demon of the necklace who promises that her father can be restored to her. When Simone realizes the price for her father’s return includes betrayal and murder, the choices of right versus wrong and good versus evil are not as clear as they once were.

ALL ROLES ARE PAID ON LO/NO/DEFERRED BASIS. Transportation and Lodging will be considered for anyone chosen for a role that does not live local to the Baltimore area.

For detailed information and to register for the casting call please go to our website, www.badlemonproductions.com

Unless otherwise stated all ethnicities will be considered for any role.

Simone (Principal Character): 18-25. A beautiful but shy girl who is devastated by the tragic death of her father. She is looking for anything to bring hope and meaning back to her life. Looking for someone with dark hair and the appearance of a Mediterranean heritage. Nudity required.

Star (Principal Character): 18-25. A pretty girl who hides her insecurities behind a sharp wit and tomboyish persona. Secretly in love with her best friend, Simone, she will do anything necessary to help her friend. Nudity Required.

Nesherek (Supporting Role): 25-35. Exotic and beautiful, she is a wife of the Sultan Abdulaziz and the manifest form of the demon Lilith. No price seems too high for what she offers. Belly dancing experience required. Nudity Required.

Dr. Yilmaz (Supporting Role): 40-45. Intelligent and attractive professor of Turkish history. Tortured by his inability to control the inner demon that caused him to lose his wife and daughter, he sees helping Simone and Star as his last chance for redemption. Does not need to be Turkish but should have Mediterranean look that could pass for Turkish.

Jake (Supporting Role): 18-25. Muscular and athletic. He is a bad boy who does not take no for an answer. His friends envy the confidence with girls he has that they lack but there is a barely contained violence threatening to break loose at any time.

Joey (Supporting Role): 18-25. A member of Jake’s group of high school friends, he is the obvious virgin and the butt of the majority of their jokes. Nudity Required.

Barry (Supporting Role): 18-25. Not quite as muscular or athletic as Jake. He tries to emulate Jake but suffers from very low self esteem. Behind the confident manner he tries to present, he can’t get rid of the feeling that everyone is laughing at him.

Monica (Supporting Role): 18-25. A pretty and popular high school student, she is Barry’s girlfriend but makes no secret that she has little respect for him and will not sleep with him. She enjoys her ability to manipulate Barry and enjoys seeing how much she can get away with without Barry knowing. Nudity Required.

Tad (Supporting Role): 18-25. Always appears that he is a little stoned. One of Jake’s friends, he is the only one who does not want to be Jake. He is laid back and could care less what anyone else thinks about him.

Jenny (Supporting Role): 18-25. Jenny is a pretty girl who is Monica’s best friend and Tad’s girlfriend. She’s a bit of a tease who encourages Tad’s advances only to stop them before they get too far.

Mrs. Sonmez (Supporting Role): 35-45. Simone’s recently widowed mother in her early 40’s is coping with the recent loss of her husband while trying to be strong for her daughter.

Kizlar Agha (Supporting Role): 35-45. The chief eunuch guard responsible for the safety of the Sultan and the harem. He is the third most powerful man in the Ottoman Empire. His physical stature is immense but is surpassed by his intelligence. Ethnicity: African American.

Ajda (Supporting Role): 18-25. An exotic and beautiful concubine in the Sultan’s harem, she is a daughter of Royal bloodlines who is attempting to win favor with the Sultan.

Student (Supporting Role): 20-25. Attractive yet cold student having affair with Dr. Yilmaz. Although she is attracted to him she has no patience or sympathy with a man she sees as weak.






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