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Actors and Actresses needed for 30-minute short student film (Baltimore, MD)

Student filmmaker looking to cast for a 30-minute short witty comedy. Shooting will take place over the course of about 8 days (non-continuous) in late Feb-early April 2009 in Baltimore, MD. Scheduling is somewhat open right now as we’re in the middle of pre-production so make note of any scheduling conflicts you would have. This is a non-paying job, but you will receive a copy and a credit.

Walt Macklin, a high school senior, chases a former crush after they rekindle their relationship on a night out with friends. Along the way, he struggles coping with his hedonistic father, his estranged brother, and his own overactive mouth.

Looking to cast (Acting experience preferred, but not needed):

WALT, 17-22, Caucasian – smart, well-dressed, quick-lipped protagonist, basic guitar skills are required. Jesse Eisenberg type.

BELLE, 16-22, Caucasian – petite, cute, mild-mannered love interest

MARTIN, 40-55, Caucasian – shaggy and bearded, pot-smoking, nymphomaniacal architect father of Walt

Max, 16-22, Caucasian – short, self-centered, Jewish best friend of Walt’s

Joyce, 16-22 – reasonable, smart, do-gooder friend

Kate, 16-22 – flirtatious, independent, leader of the group of friends

Louis, 18-22 – sleek-looking, affluent, friend and former beau of Kate’s

Nicholas, 16-22 – one-of-the-guys, somewhat cocky friend

Marshall, 18-22 – tall, strong, suave, soft spoken friend

Sasha, 22-26 – sexy, fit, maternal yet slightly spacey current girl toy of Martin’s

Francis, 14-17, Caucasian – hormonal, foul-mouthed younger brother of Walt’s living across the country with their mother

Diane, 40-50, Caucasian – nagging, bitter, cold mother of Walt’s and Martin’s ex-wife

If interested in any of these roles, contact me with the following information:

Telephone number
Role(s) desired
Also, include a picture if possible (no headshot needed, just a simple picture or two to get an idea of what you look like)

To check out my previous work, click here: http://stolenpictures.weebly.com/videos.html

To check out the cinematographers work, click here: http://vimeo.com/user622086/videos

Thanks and hope to see you soon.




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