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UT Undergraduate film is seeking a comedic cast for comedy short (Austin)

UT Undergraduate film is seeking a comedic cast for a 16mm dark comedy
Shooting will take place between 10AM-6PM , Sunday, October 11th.
Ethnicities/ ages are flexible.


Juan (male; 5yrs-10yrs)
An energetic kid who steals a box of cookies and leads an uptight store
clerk on a brief chase through a neighborhood. Juan needs to be
physically capable of sprinting short distances. Parent must be present
on set entire shoot.

Old Woman/Old Man/Passerby (male or female, 35yrs-65yrs)
A frail passerby who watches Juan run away, and is then rudely pushed to
the ground by a convenient store clerk. Involves a sort of pratfall, so
age is less important than the capability to stage fall gracefully.

Dead Grandmother (male or female, 35yrs-150yrs) –
You read right, I need an older woman (or man) who will be transformed
through hair, costuming, and make-up to be a dead grandmother. This is
meant to be comical as well as pretty terrifying, so if you’re up for a
day of make-up and some awesome pictures you can send to your grandkids
through facebook in time for Halloween, this is the role for you.

Food/drinks/ juice boxes will be supplied and a copy of your appearance
may grace the pages of the internet and will happily be supplied to you
in whatever format you would like.

Please send headshots/resumes/ dead grandmother pictures.




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