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UT Student Film “Mnemosyne Rising” – Austin, TX

UT Graduate Thesis Film “Mnemosyne Rising”
Super 16mm Short
Shooting Dates: June 17th-30th, 2008

Mnemosyne Rising is the story of a lone transmitter pilot in orbit
around a newly discovered moon of Neptune who begins to experience
unusual flashbacks.

With a rendezvous ship still months away, he must uncover the truth
behind the reawakening of his long-forgotten memories.

Male. Early-Mid 30s. Latino/Black. Scout ship pilot. A wounded soul who
has tried to bury the memories of his past life on Earth.
** Note √ the film covers two months in Castillo’s life. Hair (facial
and head) will run the gamut from slightly cropped to disheveled. Must
be prepared to grow hair and beard out for beginning of shoot then cut
and shave.

Female. Late 20s. Pleasantly beautiful. That perfect blend of ancestry
that makes it impossible to tell where she’s from. Independent and head
strong, but not immune to the sting of love.

JORGENS (voice only)
Male. Middle-aged. Australian or English. The gruff, cranky veteran of
many mining missions. Doesn’t take shit but gives a whole hell of a lot
of it.

Auditions will be held May 3rd and May 7th.
All roles are deferred paid.



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