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URGENT CASTING: Short film/Music Video Casting (Austin, TX)

URGENT CASTING: Short film/Music Video Casting Call.
Its a music video about struggling families.
The first is a white family:

Jenny(age 14-18) lives in a poor abusive family, dreams of going to college one day and making a better life for herself.

Jenny’s Mom (mid 30s-early 40s) since her first husband passed away she struggles with the bills and a pill addiction.

Jenny’s Step Dad (mid 30s-early 40s) a jobless alcoholic who takes his problems out on his step daughter.

The second is a black family:

Andre (age 17-20, African American) is a depressed teenager who struggles with loneliness, an absent father, and a promiscuous mother.

Andre’s Mom (mid 30s-early 40s) a lonely housewife with a husband who is never around therefore leading her into the arm’s of another man.

Andre’s father (mid 30-early 40s) a financially supportive father and husband who works all the time, juggles two jobs.

Unfortunately I cannot pay anything but I will supply snacks or a meal. The shoot would only be for one day, possibly two. Would like to start shooting within the next couple of weeks.

Please send resumes and headshots.



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