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Urgent Casting: Chasing Amy “A Kiss in the Rain” Scene Performance – Austin, TX

Casting Call Details:
1) Title: Chasing Amy: Shoot “A Kiss in the Rain” Scene.
2) A short scene to be presented for a directing workshop class at UT.
3) Holden tells Alyssa, a lesbian, that he has fallen for her. Alyssa is afraid of how a relationship with a man might affect her entire worldview, so she tries to keep her distance until she can’t take it anymore.
4) Holden is a comic book artist in his mid twenties. He is madly in love with Alyssa, but is distraught when he finds out she is a lesbian. He decides to open up to her about his love.
Alyssa is a lesbian in her mid twenties. Alyssa has feeling for Holden, but is scared of what it might mean for her to love a man, when she has built much of her life around being lesbian.
5) non-paid, Digital copy or DVD of performance will be given to actors
6) No meals will be provided, but I will bring snacks to rehearsals.
7) No crew needed
8) Time: 3-6pm, October 10th, 2013; Location: 2504 Whitis Avenue. Austin, TX 78712 (Room 4.134 – 4E)
9) Three rehearsals leading up to the performance (scheduling is fairly open) final presentation is on October 22, 2013 between 2-5pm. (Though you will only be required to stay for about one hour)
10) Though it will not be directed on film, the in-class presentation of the scene will be recorded by the TA on his DSLR. A copy will be provided to actors.
11) Scenes will be presented live to a UT Directing Workshop class to be critiqued and analyzed.
12) Contact via the submission form below or 361-389-3858
13) I am willing to accept JPG headshots and resumes via the submission form below.
14) Auditions, Rehearsals, and Performances will all take place at the UT Campus in Austin, Texas.

Casting Calls Categories: Student Film Casting Calls
Audition Date: October 10th, 2013
Project: Auditions: Chasing Amy “A Kiss in the Rain” Scene Performance
Casting Call Location: Austin, Texas

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