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Urgent Casting call for feature film “Discreet” (Austin, TX)

Project: Non-union Feature Film “Discreet”
Location: Austin, TX

Director: Travis Mathews (Interior: Leather Bar, I Want Your Love)
Writers: Travis Mathews
Producers: Kelly Williams (6 Years, Hellion, Pit Stop), Jonathan Duffy (6 Years, Hellion, Pit Stop), Don Swaynos (Cinema Six, Pictures of Superheroes, The Beaver Trilogy Part IV)

An eccentric middle-aged drifter who specializes in scamming closeted men has his routine upended when he discovers that a despicable man from his past is still alive. Decades of waiting to exact revenge are seemingly coming to a close. But when he finally makes contact, he finds that the monster he remembers from his childhood has become a shell of that man, stripping him of the opportunity to find the closure he seeks.


WILBUR: male/80/Caucasian
– Lower-middle class, has dementia, semi-blind with a Parkinson’s like shake in his left arm. A big man with a lumbering body that suggests something is off, perhaps a hidden menace under his loss of utility. He speaks only a few words, mostly shuffling through and around his house, seemingly in search of escape.

LYEL: male/60s-80s/Caucasian
– A strange, but outwardly kind man, who holds secrets.

MIKE: male/16/Caucasian
– Likeable and at the crossroads of adolescence and manhood. Kind and a bit naïve, but mostly due to his young age. Has an interest in sports.

MIGUEL: male/50s-60s/Hispanic
– A ranch owner who is a practicing Catholic family man and reads as straight, but is a closeted gay male. Drives a big truck, wears cowboy boots, blue jeans, and black shades.

CINDY: female/16/African-American or Hispanic
– Works with Mike and flirts incessantly with him, but is focused enough on her grades and future to not get carried away. Prudent, sweet.

ANISSE: female/40s-60s/Caucasian
– Loner, overweight, average looks. Non-speaking role. She is simply seen sleeping fully clothed on her side.

JOSE: male/20s-40s/Hispanic
– Ranch hand who needs to be a good runner. Non-speaking role.

RANCH HANDS: male/20s-40s/Hispanic
– Non-speaking roles.

ANISSE: female/40s-60s/Caucasian
– An eccentric loner with a big heart living in Eugene, Oregon. She makes long-form youtube videos of static nature visuals and sound (e.g. an Oregon rainforest). She’s considered one of the best in this internet subculture. Shares a warm and generous fondness for Alex, whom she’s only ever spoken to through the phone. Feels that there could be something quietly romantic between them that Alex never picks up on.

RADIO HOST: male or female/30s-50s/any ethnicity
– Hosts a current events show that examines both sides of controversial issues

Filming location: Austin, TX
Filming dates: February 3-17

THIS FRIDAY, January 15 from 10:30am to 4:30pm

Please submit:

*Note* You MUST schedule an audition time slot and have it confirmed or you will not be seen. No walk-ups.

Sides and location will be sent out via email.

Project: Non-union Feature Film “Discreet”
Location: Austin, TX
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