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Seeking Male/Female Actors for “Midnight in Paris Scene Reinterpretation” – Austin, TX

Casting Call Details:
My name is Eric Hill and I am a Senior Film student at the University of Texas at Austin. This is a non-paid film project, but there will be snacks and drinks at the audition, meals will be provided for the actors who are chosen on shooting days, and film credit and a DVD copy of the final project will be given to the actors as well. Actors of all ethnicity and gender are encouraged to audition, and the age range is from 18-30. I will be needing 1 male and 1 female to act in the scene. The audition will be held on February 7, 2013 from 8-11PM at the CMA building in room 3.116 at the University of Texas at Austin. The specific address is 2504 Whitis Ave, University of Texas, Austin, TX 78705.

This is a reinterpretation of a scene from Woody Allen’s 2011 film Midnight in Paris, which won up to 17 awards including an Oscar for best writing, original screenplay. In this specific scene Gil walks the streets at night with Adriana, a charming Parisian woman that he just recently met. As they roam the streets they soak up the beauty and social atmosphere and poetically converse about the place and time era that Gil obsesses over, Paris in the 1920’s.

Character breakdowns:

Gil Pender: Gil is a successful American Hollywood hack of a screenwriter who is living an unfulfilled life. He longs to become a “real” writer and to leave his rich screenwriting life behind. He is seduced by the French capital while he and his fiancée Inez tag along with her parents on a business trip. He yearns to stay there to finish his struggling first novel about a man who works in a nostalgia shop. Gil is simple, care free, loving, naïve, and insecure, and is a man who believes that he was born too late, and that if he would have been born in another time period then his life would somehow be better. Specifically he obsesses over Paris in the 1920’s. His relationship with Inez is complicated and confusing, and as man he lacks courage, but over the course of his trip he soon realizes that the problem rests within him and he gains his courage and turns his life around to best fit his own happiness.

Adriana: Adriana is a woman born in Bordeaux and currently living in Paris in the 1920’s to study fashion with Coco Chanel. She, like Gil, also has a great charisma for the past and wishes that she had live in the 1890’s. She is somewhat of an art groupie as her record shows, she was past mistress to Georges Braque and Amedeo Modigliani, and is present mistress to Pablo Picasso. She instantly attracts Gil with her radiant beauty and her complements of the opening lines of his work-in-progress novel. She is as interesting as she is lovely and becomes increasingly attracted to Gil just as he does for her.

This is a short 3-5 minute scene that will be shot in many of Austin’s iconic locations. Instead of the scene location and dialogue being related to Paris, I will change this to Austin, Texas so that I can present the same poetic love and appreciation for the beautiful and lively city of Austin. I am looking for actors and actresses between the ages 18-30. The audition will be held on February 7, 2013 from 8-11PM in CMA 3.116 on the University of Texas Campus. I am a Senior Film student at the University of Texas at Austin and am very excited and enthusiastic to begin working on this film project. Midnight in Paris is my favorite film and I can’t wait to begin working with you all to recreate a very memorable scene. Upon making callbacks for my 2 selected actors I will need 2 additional days of rehearsal and a MANDATORY day where you come in to my directing workshop class on February 13, 2013 to go over rehearsals with me and my class. The time for this mandatory day will be short amount of time between 6-9PM, but the exact time and location will be given soon. Thank you and see you all soon.

Please keep in mind the MANDATORY meeting on Wednesday February 13, 2013 to go over rehearsals with my class and me. This will only be a short amount of time between the hours 6-9PM, but I will give you the specific time and location upon choosing actors. Again, this is mandatory, so if there are any problems with your schedule please let me know ahead of time and we will work them out. Thank you.

Casting Calls Categories: Student Film Casting Calls / Short Film Casting Calls / Lead Roles Casting Calls
Audition Date: February 7, 2013, 8-11PM
Project: Casting Call: Midnight in Paris Scene Reinterpretation
Casting Call Location: Austin, Texas

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