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Seeking actors with tattoos and piercings

Sneaky Giants will be producing several viral shorts for a webseries that takes popular conventions and flips them on there head through story, tone, and/or visual style.

Auditions for the first short will be held on Monday, September 21st by appointment only.

Ep. 1 SYNOPSIS: Five members of a heavy metal band, who are in between tours, spend their time at home joking around and playing video games. After a day of fun it’s revealed, through a prank, that the band members are all vampires.


RODY: competitive, young-spirited and obnoxious at times. Thinks he can kick anyone’s ass. Diehard Motorhead fan; likes to cheat.

LUKE: focused, hard-working and stern, driving creative force of the band. Can kick anyone’s ass. Has a buried goofball side that never comes out; absolutely will not play Guitar Hero because “it trivializes his passion.”

MOE: clever, likes a little mischief. The type of guy who watches videos of people getting hurt on the internet. Loves McRibs almost more than music.

TIM: wry, cool, relaxed. Closeted Peter Gabriel fan.

ARIF: calm and passive, an artist in his own world. The butcher of the group; a serious Dance Dance Revolution fanatic.

It’s not necessary that you are able to play an instrument for this short. Tattoos, piercings and cool hair are encouraged.



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