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Open casting call for student film in Austin TX

Open casting call being held at St. Edward’s University for a Student Film project.
We need two boys, ages 7-8 and 10-12, to play the leads in a children’s monster movie.


John and his younger brother Billy are waiting home alone for their parents, and Billy is doing everything in his power to get on John’s nerves, from eating his slice of chocolate cake to breaking his freshly painted millennium falcon. For revenge, John pretends to call up a chocolate-loving monster who wants to eat Billy’s chocolate-breath face, but unknowingly calls up a real monster! It stalks them around the house and they try different things to thwart it. Finally, grandma comes to the rescue with chocolate cookies, but the monster eats her prosthetic hand off. The two boys team up at last and lock the monster in the basement, though they will forever be wary of eating chocolate without permission.

Shooting Schedule

Shooting will take place evenings and nights in the Austin-Round Rock area. Most shooting must take place after dark and will be tailored to the schedules and needs of those cast in the lead.

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