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Austin, TX Casting Calls: “Dig” Casting Call – South Texas Area

Casting Call / Audition Details:
“Dig” Casting Call

Working Title: “Dig”
Format: Independent Feature (16mm)
Production Company: Belyeu Vision Productions
Location: South Texas area
Producer: Stephen Belyeu
Director: Stephen Belyeu
Writer: Stephen Belyeu
Casting Director: Rick Olmos

Cast positions will be non-paid.

Short Synopsis

After the unexpected death of his father, Mike is forced to return to
his small hometown in south Texas. With only his two living
grandparents, Manuel and Helen, to turn to, Mike decides to reamain in
the country for while to let time heal some of the pain of his loss. But
what nobody knows is that Mike harbors a painful secret; a secret left
to him by his father three years prior to his passing. He soon
unknowingly embarks on a journey for answers and begins to unravel the
truth. The only question left for Mike is is he ready to face it?

We are looking for talented actors for this upcoming independent
feature. This is an inspiring film that will be aiming for lots
of festivals. It will provide a great opportunity to showcase your
talent and abilities.

“Dig” Character Descriptions

Mike (lead) – a quiet, reserved young man between the ages of 20-25 that
has difficulty opening up and facing problems. Must note that these
emotions do eventually erupt in the film so as an actor, you need to be
able to show the following extreme emotions in a believable manner:
pain, anger, frustration, and heartache. Mike is half Hispanic, half
Caucasian, but looks more Caucasian.

Manuel – a cheerful, loving Hispanic Grandfather between the ages of
55-65 who raises goats and tends to his small plot of land.

Helen – a warm hearted, spiritual Hispanic Grandmother between the ages
of 55-65 who loves to cook for the two men in her life, her husband and
her grandson.

Angelina – a dark haired, attractive Hispanic or Native American female
with between the ages of 40-45.

Katie – a mature, independent young woman between the ages 21-26 who is
very understanding and kind hearted. Katie is the type of girl a man
would want to marry. She is cute and lovable with light colored hair.

Renton – an honest and dependable young man between the ages of 20-25.
Renton is a truly reliable person and confidant.

Cynthia – an attractive, soft-spoken Hispanic woman between the ages of
45-50. Cynthia has very noticeable Native American features with
beautiful skin and long, dark hair. Her beauty is natural and untainted.

Lacy – an honest, old-fashioned South Texas Sheriff between the ages of
55-65. Lacy has the look of a person who’s seen and been through a lot.
His hands and face are weathered. His voice is rough with a strong
Southern draw. He has the bad habit of chewing tobacco.

Michael – a middle-aged Caucasian male between the ages of 45-50 with
light colored hair.

Mark – an honest, witty middle-aged man between the ages 45-50 who takes
pleasure in life in the country tending to his livestock on his time
away from work as an attorney.

Steve – a tall, slender Caucasian male in his late thirties.

Johnny – a middle-aged medical examiner between the ages 35-45.

Priest – a middle-aged Catholic priest.

Casting Call / Audition Details:
Casting Calls Categories: Feature Film Casting Calls
Location: Austin, TX

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