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Casting Call for “The End of The Story” – Austin, TX

Casting Call Details:
Project: “The End of The Story”
Location: Austin, TX

Please note that this is a non-union production and some roles are paid and some unpaid.

LEAD MALE – JEFF – Mid-Late 20s – Dark features but clean cut. Plus if they have “expressive eyes”
Jeff goes through a very emotional journey or reliving his last three days of life without any prior knowledge and in reverse order.

Supporting Characters:

Danny -Middle-aged Tall, Rugged and strong but with a warm smile and sense of humor.
A bit of a Momma’s boy but a rugged fighter. One of Mr G’s Men

Marcus- Tall Muscular, serious with a dark sense of humor. One of Mr G’s Men

Pizza – Early 20s – Drug Dealer with a good heart. Someone who had a rough life and little by little he is making amends and trying to better himself, but he is also a bit of a coward. He carries a great secret throughout the whole film.

Homer – Older Bureaucrat type, Doesn’t hate his job, but has become lax in his day to day.

Mr G – 30-60 year old Asian or Hispanic short but impressive. He is the Gang Boss

Lasker – A Thin Shorter Yiddish Man in late 50s/early 60s. Thinner than normal, almost deceivingly frail. Has a quick wit and intelligence.

Girl (Mother) – Petite Mexican Woman – Early 20s – Makes a great sacrifice for her child.

Chang – 40s Asian -Square Stocky and strong. This character is brutal and not afraid to torture and kill

Becky – Mid to late 20s – Frazzled but attractive -Works as a Bartender and is a little feisty and strong

Fred -Man in Late 60s. Grandpa/minister type -This is a Blind man who helps Jeff on his journey

Ray – Mid 30s-50s Italian Mob Boss type -Overweight, Slightly Sleezy

Homeless Woman -30s but wears her hard life – Gaunt and in bad shape

Baby – Need Olive or Tan skinned baby- the younger the better.

Also Casting:

Waitress, Receptionist, Stripper and Mexican Girls

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Audition Date: 6/26/13
Project: Auditions for “The End of The Story”
Casting Call Location: Austin, Texas

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