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Casting Call for Short Film “Love Lost” – Austin, TX

Casting Call Details:
Project: Short film, aprox 5 min
The film is about a lesbian couple coming to terms with public affection. Jenna struggles with the ability to act like a couple in public whereas Carrie tries to push Jenna into being more affectionate. This eventually leads to their breakup, and possibly their reunion.
Two female characters between the ages of 19 and 25. Jenna is a shy, awkward girl that is sexually repressed. Carrie is her first relationship ever, so she is just learning how to be in a committed relationship. Though she tries to appease Carrie by being affectionate in public, she struggles with it to the point where she leaves Carrie, which taking action is very out of character for her. Carrie is the strong one in the relationship. She has been in other committed relationships, but this is her first lesbian committed relationship. She tries to be understanding of Jenna’s inability to be affectionate, but it eventually becomes a point of contempt for her. She begins attempting to overpower Jenna and force her into being more openly affectionate. When Jenna leaves, she realizes what she has done and is deeply remorseful.
The project is not paid but meals will be provided
The audition is in Austin at the University of Austin, CMB building, room 4D on Friday, April 5 from 2 pm to 4:45 pm.
The tentative shooting dates will be April somewhere between April 12th and April 20th dependent on schedules.

Casting Calls Categories: Short Film Casting Calls / Lead Roles Casting Calls
Audition Date: April 5, 2013 2 pm – 4:45 pm
Project: Casting Call for Short Film “Love Lost”
Casting Call Location: Austin, Texas

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