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Casting Call for New Series “The Naked Feminist” – Austin, TX

Casting Call Details:
Team Teamwork Productions is casting for their new original series, “The
Naked Feminist”, filming in Austin and San Marcos, TX.

After their scandalous feminist video goes viral, Summer, Jack, and Abby
must decide whether to utilize this powerful platform of internet fans
for the benefit of humankind, or to remain stoned and drunk. Can they do
both? Will they speak their truth? Will they get naked?

June 6th, 7th, 13th, 14th, 20th, and 21st.
July Dates- TBA

April 20th – May 8th (Video Submissions)

May 16th 10:30am-12:30pm (In Person at the Dougherty Arts Center)

Deferred Payment

If you meet the specs below, and are interested in auditioning, please respond

(1) a headshot/resume
(2) what role(s) you are interested in
(3) conflicts with filming days, callback dates, and general conflicts over the summer

We will send you sides and directions from there.

The roles are…

JIM/Male/20’s-30’s/All Ethnicities/ Jim is a Bartender who went to film school. He is genuine, kind, strong, and a feminist.

ANGELA/Female/ 30’s/All Ethnicities/ Angela is an all around badass. She is a film director and producer, efficient, a leader, and a feminist.

BRIANNA/Female/ 20’s/All Ethnicities/ Brianna went to film school and is interesting, awkward, stylish, smart, hip, and a feminist.

SEAN/Male/20’s/All Ethnicities/ Sean is a nerdy frat boy who is ambiguously creepy

MITCH/Male/20’s-30’s/All Ethnicities/ Mitch is an ingenuitive stoner, he is always late, and he is great at building DIY film equipment. He is a feminist.

TANNER/Male/ 20’s-30’s/All Ethnicities/ Tanner is a misogynist, who gets handy and aggressive with Abby. NOT A FEMINIST.

L.A. GUY/Male/30’s-40’s/All Ethnicities/ A slick business man in L.A., whose pick up line refers to Abby’s real boobs.

GUY IN BAR/Male/20’s-30’s/All Ethnicities/ A regular Joe who wants to pick up a lady.

SQUIRREL LADY/Female/ 20’s-40’s/All Ethnicities/ A bit off and weird, Squirrel Lady is inspired by the Summer, Jack, and Abby to stand up to her boyfriend.

MARGARET/Female/ 20’s-30’s/All Ethnicities/ Margaret is an actor in L.A.
She is pretty, really put together with nice hair and makeup.

USHA/Female/ 20’s/All Ethnicities/ Usha is round face, rugged, and reliable. She lives off the grid in a self-sustaiable far. She’s afraid of the internet.

BRENDA/CARA/ DONNA/ERICA/ FLO/GAIL/ HANNAH/Females/ Any Age/All Ethnicities/
These women are film directors and producers who want nothing to do with Abby, Jack, and Summer’s show.

HARVEY/Male/ 50’s-60’s/Caucasian/ Jack’s father, he’s rich, plays golf, and is very stubborn.

CADDY/Male/20’s-30’s/All Ethnicities/ Dorky and submissive.

Project: “The Naked Feminist”
Location: Austin, TX
Audition Date: April 20th – May 8th (Video Submissions)
Casting Categories: Lead Roles Casting Calls

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