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Casting Call for new comedy pilot “The Dull Future of Ryan Cody” (Austin, TX)

Casting Call for New Comedy Set to be FIlmed in Dallas and released in 2010. – THE DULL FUTURE OF RYAN CODY.

SUNDAY March 7th
Noon to Five pm
21st Street Cooperative College Houses
707 W. 21st. Street
Austin, Texas 78705

The Dull Future of Ryan Cody is a sexually charged comedy about Ben, an average looking bored ladies man who is searching for his true nature. Things get complicated when girls start mistaking Ben for his mysterious doppelganger Ryan Cody. He tries unsuccessfully to avoid the advances of these newfound females all while trying to answer the question: Who is Ryan Cody?

We are looking to shoot this PILOT in April. This is a PILOT episode only, none of these positions are paid. But put forth hard work, and if we get picked up hopefully we’ll keep all those dedicated to the project.

In this story we have four main characters:

Ben : (mid 20’s) our main man is a philandering casanova in search of his true nature. He is bored and tired of his life and how it plays out but doesn’t know what he can do to change it or if he even wants to.

John Wheeler: (late 20’s early 30’s) John is Ryan’s roommate. He is a loyal honest true blue friend. John is a neat freak, and a control maniac as well as being a germaphobe. This young professional is repressed sexually and socially. All in all Ben’s complete opposite.

Landon Reames: (mid to late 20’s) Landon is John and Ryan’s attention starved clown of a neighbor. He is a nut job, a mooch, and he can’t be taken seriously. Landon is the kind of neighbor you never have to invite over he just shows up. Landon has a crazy amount of confidence that makes him completely unabashed. Needless to say Landon is a mess.

Francine “Frankie” Estelle: (mid to late 20’s) Is a tomboyish friend of all the guys. She is the ‘lil sister’ of the group and all the guys see her as such. I.E. they aren’t attracted to her. She has a hard exterior but with an underlying girlish beauty that only surfaces when she’s extremely distressed or comfortable. She’s as damaged as Ben but rarely shows it.

For the pilot episode we have three ‘Ryan Cody’ conquests:

NOTE: Though this is a sexually charged comedy our auditions will be run with the utmost respect for all parties. Any disrespect or jackassery will not be tolerated. This is a warning to all would be cassanovas auditioning for the role of Ben.

Cindy: (mid 20’s) Ben meets her at a grocery store. She mistakes him for Ryan Cody. She is buxom and ditzy.

Natalie: (mid 20’s) Ben meets her at a gas station where he is again mistaken for Ryan Cody. She is an offensive person who just happens to be beautiful.

Ashley: (mid 20’s) Is an old girlfriend of Ben who he hasn’t seen in a while. She is an attractive plus sized girl who is just as over sexed as he is.

There will also be a number of walk on roles for females as well as extras.

Auditions start promptly at 12pm and will run to 5pm, so get there early. These auditions will NOT be run by Appointment, FIRST COME-FIRST SERVE. We will open the doors and begin accepting applications at 11:30AM.

Please bring your Resume and Headshot, if you don’t have either, COME ANYWAY!

We will also have a running video camera on location capturing part of the days events. Please do NOT wear any clothing with Logos or Brands. We will ask you to put something else on, or we won’t be able to you use your footage.

Monologues will not be necessary, but we will be reading side from the actual scripts. We want to see if you can think on your feet.

Please direct all head shots and questions to us.





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