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Casting Call for feature film “Summer League” – Austin, TX

Casting Call Details:
Project: “Summer League”
Category: Feature Film
Feature Film to be shot in Austin and surrounding communities.

When Allie loses her mother, she finds herself stuck in her old hometown. This grants an unexpected opportunity for her to reconnect with her father, best friend, and the place she once called home over
summer break. But don’t get too sappy, this film brings about a colorful group of fun and sometimes odd characters, that help her see that sometimes you just need to go play catch.


Our college-age (21ish), female, lead. We follow her through the tragic loss of her mother, cheered up by her crazy best friend, Kenzie, reconnecting with her father, and playing some light-hearted, co-ed beer league softball. So, we will need an actor with some range, but someone that is very likeable and watchable. The actress we choose for this will also have to attend every shoot, as there is not a scene that she is not in. Softball experience is a plus.

Allie’s best friend. Kenzie stayed in their small hometown after high school. When Allie comes home though, she is the first one that she calls. Kenzie has a very in-your-face kind of personality. She trash talks, lets everyone know her opinion, and will sing to the radio at the top of her lungs. If you’re her friend, she’ll have your back 100%. She also coaches/plays on a summer softball league. Also, she’s in just over ½ of the scenes. So, this is a slightly smaller time commitment.

Becomes Allie’s love interest. So, we’re looking for a 20-something attractive male. Henry also lives in the small town and runs a hardware store for his father. He’s kind of a quiet type, but is pretty approachable and friendly in spite of his good looks. He is just under ½ of the scenes, including the softball scenes. Needs to be at least okay at playing catch.

Allie’s father. Will divorced Allie’s mother when she was young, and Allie has never forgiven him. “New wife, new life”, she supposes. But Will cares much more for her than he lets on, and he has a secret he’s been keeping from her.

Kenzie’s arch-enemy. She loathes him and his stupid hipster kickball team. They banter back and forth throughout the film, and he really seems to know how to push her buttons.

Allie’s mother. We only really encounter her in one scene, but she is Allie’s only roots. Marie has been sick for a while, and it seems that everyone knows the end is near. She doesn’t seem afraid of slipping away, but rather wiser because of it. She warns Allie not to waste any time, because you don’t know how much of it you will have.

Marie’s (Allie’s mom) lawyer. A small-town lawyer. We imagine him to be a middle-aged gentleman that dresses in strange old suits. He means well, but kind of drags his feet. Allie is only stuck in town until he can get some paperwork finished.

Other parts with lines that we’ll be looking to fill, but won’t be reading for in auditions:

Nurse — sweet southern speaker (uses “Hun” a lot)
Waitress and Waiter
Off-screen phoner from the hospital
Jerry — the concession stand owner
Sam — Off screen voice (MorF) Allie’s friend from school
Blue — the umpire
Matt — the pub quizmaster
Wife — Will’s new wife.

ALSO FULL SOFTBALL/BASEBALL TEAMS interested in being featured, let us know! We’d be very interested in talking to you!

We are still unsure as to how much money we are going to have to pay actors. There at the very least will be food and dvd copies for your portfolio. If our IndieGoGo campaign works out along with a couple fundraising events and grants we’re looking to acquire, there will be some $ to go around, and we’re up for discussion on deferred payment.
But some of this will be dependent on the talent we can get signed onto the project as to how much we can get. So, we are looking for people that are really amped about the project, and willing to spread the word.

We are also looking to get into contact with a DP early on. This way they can play a hand in the preproduction meetings. So, if you are interested in working with us, please follow the below directions too.

Auditions will be in Austin on Saturday, June 16th at the Dougherty Arts Center. To be scheduled for a time slot and given sides please send your resume, links to your work, and a headshot.
We will only be seeing people scheduled for an audition. So, please let us know.

The feature is planned to shoot on weekends (Sat and Sun) in mid-September through October.
And we are hoping to take it on the festival circuit.

Casting Calls Categories: Feature Film Casting Calls
Audition Date: June 16
Project: “Summer League”
Casting Call Location: Austin, TX

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