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Casting Call for drama short “East Of The Highway”

An independent short film shot on MiniDV throughout the month of May
(mostly weekends) in Central East Austin.

Auditions will be held April 22 & 25. (arrangements can be made if you
cannot make either date). Actors of all experience levels are
encouraged to participate.

“East Of The Highway” is a story of an East Austin neighborhood
struggling in the eye of gentrification. In a desperate effort to
prevent their families from losing their homes, a group of
neighborhood youth start a crime wave to lower property value.

Available Roles:

Chris – Protagonist. 20 year old African-American male who tries to
find nonviolent means to keep his family from losing their home.
Brenda – African American. In her 40s or 50s. Chris’ stress-ridden mother.
Ray – African American. In his 40s or 50s. Chris’ laid back, wise father.
Tyrone – African American. Around the age of 10. Chris’ little brother.
Chris’ Grampa – African American. Looks to be in his late 70s or 80s.
Grumpy, but very proud.
Ahmed – African American. Around 18 years old. Chris’ friend.
Militant, turns to crime.
Derrek – African American. Around 18 years old. Chris’ lazy friend.
District Attorney – White. In his 50s or 60s. Ignorant and racist,
sets out to prosecute youth stirring up trouble.
Mayor – White. In his 40s or 50s. Think Austin Mayor Will Wynn
Real Estate Agent – White. In his 40s. Charismatic, cheesy.

Also needed are two to three actors to play police officers.

This being a no-budget short, roles are unpaid but food will provided,
as well as a DVD copy once the film is completed.

Will be sent to many film festivals.



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