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Casting call for a television pilot to be shot in Austin, TX

Casting call for a television pilot to be shot in Austin, TX. Auditions will
be held Tuesday, May 6 from noon until 6 p.m.

Please send a resume and headshot to austin512project@gmail.com

Character Descriptions:
Keira: 24-26 years old; the brains of the group; type A personality; very
organized and driven; motherly toward Ian and Tuc; wants to be a producer
and currently works as an assistant to one; originally from Los Angeles

Tuc: 24-26 years old; the face of the group; charismatic and optimistic; a
“salesman”; both an actor and a director; questionable sexuality; works at a
daycare; always the center of attention and can always get the girl; grew up
in Austin with Ian

Ian: 24-26 years old; the conscience of the group; intelligent, creative,
quiet, and introverted; wants to make a difference; works in a bookstore;
the tech guy; tends to lose the girl, often to Tuc; grew up in Austin with

Mirabeau: 25-28 years old; something of a typical southern “good old boy”,
but very charismatic and educated; rich family with old money; works as a
lobbyist for his family’s company; used to date Keira

Chelsea: 16-18 years old; Mirabeau’s youngest sister; bratty and
self-centered; a Daddy’s girl

Compensation: Paid

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