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Casting call for a feature film “Under the Western Sun”

Casting call for a feature film titled “Under the Western Sun”
comedy/drama that mixes the heart and humor of the 40s and the 80s.


FRANK (male 50s)
Successful business millionaire type. Has wrinkles, but hides them well.
Handsome and rugged. A smooth talker. His life is about to change
drastically. A Cary Grant of our time.

JOHN (male 20-30)
Frank’s son. John cares only about himself. He’s young and full of
energy, but it’s all in the wrong places. He’s a journalist hungry for a
story. He’s about to get the story of his life.

BETTY (female late 40s)
Frank’s ex-wife. A strong willed woman who owns a Ranch in Texas all on
her own. She’s a survivor and is not about to let Frank back in to her life.

CLARK (male 20-30)
Good old Texas boy and John’s cousin. Lost his father. Works on the
Ranch with Betty. He puts all the pressure of the world on his
shoulders. Has a huge grudge against John. Also caries a leg injury from
being shot in the military.

WARNER (male 60s-70)
The town’s old newspaper editor now reduced to the town drunk. He has a
drive though and a desire to restore a part of the town back to its
former glory. Comical, energetic character.

MARTIN (male 50s)
The villain of our story. The town’s mayor. He’s a very dangerous man,
but at the same time, can be your best friend, as long as he gets
something out it. Martin loves the attention he gets and he doesn’t care
for John or Frank.

STEWART (male 40-50s)
The editor to a national newspaper. Gruff and tough. This guy is high
strung and is always in the middle of 50,000 things. Barks order

If you are interested in these roles, please send your headshot and
resume or provide a link. If you have a link to a demo reel that would
be helpful. We will follow up with you to set up individual auditions
and cold readings.

Production location: Austin/Smithville
And yes, there is pay, which will be discussed upon contract.
This a Non-Union film; however we will be in the process of SAG
Signatory, so SAG actors may apply in the meantime and we can discuss.





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