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Austin, TX Casting Calls: A New, Original, Indie Horror flick needs talent

Tentative Title:
Either “The Future’s Daughter” or “Tara’s Story.”

Prospective Running Time:
Either one 120 minute film, two 60 minute films, or three 40 minute episodes.

Quick synopsis:
The first 15 to 20 minutes or so are dedicated to the outbreak of a new and highly infectious disease, the details of which are not initially clear. This crisis is seen from a group of suburban characters, particularly 10 year old girl named Tara.

As the outbreak worsens, the disease is shown to turn those infected into subhumans similar to vampires. Tara is apparently killed by one.

60 or so years later the story picks up after society is more or less non existent, those alive and uninfected who eke out a meager, fearful living, almost a stone age culture. The central characters are a family of farmers who have a strict routine but a very close bond to each other. Much of the story is dedicated to their day to day lives, which are imperiled when their ancient generator breaks down. Some or the family are forced to make a dangerous trip into the city to find parts.

There they find Tara, who is still only 10 years old, but very unlike any of the infected creatures still stalking the landscape. The rest of the story concerns the family’s struggle for survival, and mystery of Tara’s existence.

Story: Stephen King’s The Stand, Robert McCammon’s Swan Song, Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, Larry McMurtry’s Lonesome Dove novels, Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend (but none of the movies based on it.) Also, every great zombie movie ever made.
Stylistic: Arronofsky’s The Wrestler and Requiem for a Dream, the Coen brothers’ No Country for Old Men, Bogdonovich’s The Last Picture Show, the original Dawn of the Dead, and Clint Eastwood’s Unforgiven.

Available Roles:
Leading Present-day roles:
Tara Wallace: A brilliant, quiet ten year old girl. She is very sensitive and very brave. In the future she is still physically only 10 and has lost all of her memory. She is very mysterious. She is the only character who is present in both the present and future storylines. She is the most important role in the film, and I have received many great resumes for child actors. This role is essential and now highly sought after. Actresses should be 10 to 16 years old, ethnicity unimportant.

Supporting Present-day Roles:
Jeanette Wallace: Tara’s mother. Very worn down from the events of the crisis. A good mother and wife but also an ambitious business woman. Actress should be 30 to 40 years old, ethnicity dependent on actress playing Tara.

Harry Wallace: Tara’s father, already infected when the action starts. Starts out very sickly, later becomes a vicious creature. Actor should be 30 to 40, ethnicity dependent on actress playing Tara.

Minor Present-day roles:
Emily: Tara’s best friend. Actress should be 10 to 16 years old. Ethnicity unimportant but preferably non-Caucasian.

Tricia: Jeanette’s friend from the office. Actress age and ethnicity unimportant.

Teacher: A teacher from Ashley’s elementary school. Actor/actress should be over 25, ethnicity unimportant.

Doctor 1: A doctor involved in containing the outbreak. Actor/actress age and ethnicity unimportant.

Doctor 2: Another doctor. Actor/actress age and ethnicity unimportant.

Panicked woman: Actress age and ethnicity unimportant.

Emily’s father: Actor between 30 and 40, ethnicity dependent on actress playing Emily.

60 years later roles:
Nolan McElhenny: a soft-spoken, tough man. A husband and father, and patriarch of the McElhenny family. Very strong and very spiritual, almost like an old gunslinger. Actor between 40 and 50, ethnicity unimportant.

Loretta McElhenny: wife of Nolan and matriarch of the family. A good housekeeper but every bit as tough and smart as Nolan. Actress between 40 and 50, ethnicity unimportant.

James McElhenny: Nolan and Loretta’s eldest son. Quick tempered and perhaps overly serious, but sensitive and idealistic. He runs the day to day life of the family. ( Actor between 20 and 30, ethnicity dependent on actors’ playing his parents.)

Noah McElhenny: Nolan and Loretta’s other son, younger than James. He is eager to help the family and just entering manhood. Actor 15 to 20, ethnicity dependent on actors playing his parents,

Derek Enders: James’ best friend, he has lived with the McElhennys for years and is nearly a part of the family. He is a great worker and fighter. Actor 20 to 30, ethnicity unimportant.

Alecia Enders: A woman that the family rescued and who has become Derek’s wife. She is a great leader and probably the best fighter in the film. Actress 20-30, ethnicity unimportant.

Michelle Hawkins: A woman who has survived on her own for many years. The only character besides Tara to have lived before society collapsed. Very smart, funny, and resourceful.
Actress between 50 and 70, preferably African-American, Latin, or Asian-American.

60 years from now supporting roles:
Sara McElhenny: James’ friend and another person staying with the family. Actress between 15 and 30, ethnicity unimportant.

Erica: A vagrant in the ruined city, a very territorial person. Actress between 20 and 40, race unimportant.

Morgan: Another vagrant, Erica’s lesbian wife. Actress between 20 and 40, ethnicity unimportant.

Cyrano: Erica’s brother, another vagrant. Actor between 20 and 40.

6O years from now minor roles:

Connor Enders: Derek and Alecia’s young son. Actor between 5 and 10, ethnicity dependent on his parents.

Lily Enders: Derek and Alicia’s infant or toddler daughter. Actor between 6 months to 5 years, ethnicity dependent on her parents.

Extras: Extras will be needed only for the present-day scenes. Ages 10 and up, all shapes and sizes. Some may be needed to play sick or dead bodies.

Monsters: In my opinion, the most fun parts. Creatures are hairless, earless, pasty, with big teeth and claws. Ethnicity and age are unimportant, but most need to be in good physical condition, as these are predatory monsters. Actors and actresses need to be willing to be nearly naked.

The payment for actors and crew will be a fun, creative experience and the exciting chance to have screen credit in a badass movie. In certain cases (only with the most essential roles (small amounts of pay may be negotiated.)

It would be great if everyone cast could try and contribute to costumes, props, equipment and transportation if they are able. Anyone willing to use their houses and property for filming locations would be rockstars in my mind. Anything you can lend us will be returned unharmed!

I’m getting a huge amount of emails of interested actors and actresses who want to be in this (hopefully) future classic. Please contact me as soon as possible to let me know about yourself, tell me what you look like, send a pic tell me which roles you are particularly interested in, and ask any questions you might have. Any actors or actresses who don’t get a major role will be offered smaller roles or roles as extras.

The actual audition date and location is to be announced, but I’d like to get as many letters of interest, resumes, applications, and pics ahead of time as possible. Thank you so much!






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