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Austin, TX: Auditions for the independent film “Code Enforcer”

Tom Foolery Productions, in association with Blue Yak Productions, is
currently casting for the independent film, Code Enforcer. The movie is
an ultra-low budget sag and all parts are paid. Shooting will begin in
late September and wrap in mid October.

We are looking for the following parts:

Dave Petty (lead)
Male, 20s – 30s; kinda dopey, not bad looking, soft-touch when handing
out citations; low in the self-image department; hates the silly codes
he must enforce – dreams of being a real cop some day.

Sue Lamar (lead)
20s – 30s, total wise-ass, it’s all a conspiracy type. She’s intimidated
by her boss, Vern, but over compensates for her insecurity in being a
female in a male-dominated work environment by talking tough when the
boss isn’t around.

Laura Smythe (lead)
Female, Late 20s early 30s; kind-hearted, level-headed and strong
willed. At first not real happy with Dave’s treatment of her cat – but
grows very fond of him.

Rocco Panella (principal)
Male, 50s – 60s; big, loud, kinda smart in a dumb way – owner of
Panella’s Ristorante. Murders his wife in a fit of anger and
frustration, tries to frame Laura and Jasmine.

Jasmine Bustamante (principal)
Female, 20s-30s; fun-loving, a tad on the loose side – likes older men.
Has a brief affair with Rocco, but comes to her senses in time.

Dirk and Bobby (supporting)
30s; muscle-headed kinda good-looking – these are the rock-stars of the
Code Enforcers – they work in the classiest most pretentious community.
Love to pick on Dave and Sue..

Jimmy Spattibucci (supporting)
Male, 40s – 60s; large, classless – New Yorker type owner of pool
construction company.

Lyle Bumgarner (supporting)
Male, 40s – 50s; Rufus’ brother; less cerebral than his brother, likes
his beer.

Auditons will be held June 7-8, time and place to be announced.
Please send headshots and resumes to Steve at stevecauley@tomfooleryprod.com

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