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Auditions for new play “Mine”

“Mine” – Casting Call/Character sheet
Directed by: Amanda Wilgus & Daniel Hayden
e-mail: minecasting@gmail.com

Plot Synopsis:”Mine” – After the success of his first produced play,
Mark Flores and his girlfriend Penelope Miller work together to write a new one.

Lead roles:

MARK FLORES – Somewhere between his 20’s and 40’s. Former maitre’d of
New York City’s Silk du Soir and current Director of the recent Broadway
success Livin’ Life: It’s Hard, a play which he also wrote. Fresh off
his first palpable artistic success, he finds himself dealing with the
pressure of a follow up.

PENELOPE WILLIS – Late 20’s to early 30’s. Author of The Fourth Rehearsal
and Timid as well as recent graduate of the MFA program at the
University of Wisconsin. Her novels have been well received critically
but have had little commercial success. Currently on hold from finishing
her third book, a collection of short stories tentatively titled Five
Feet of Funk.

Supporting roles:

MARLA – Main character of the play Livin’ Life: It’s Hard. Heiress to a
large corn fortune and former flame of ex-soldier Parler McGovern.

GEORGIE – Character in the play as well. Marlie’s best friend and
heiress to a large wheat fortune.


Auditions can currently be scheduled on one of the following days:
Tuesday the 14th, Wednesday the 15th, or Thursday the 16th between 6 and
9 pm. They will be held on the UT college campus. Please e-mail to
schedule a time or if you need to schedule a different time due to lack
of availability on any of these days.

Compensation and Scheduling:

There’s no salary involved, but that includes everyone working on it so
please don’t feel left out.

We will give you a DVD copy of the finished short (should take 1-3
months after the shooting) and can give you more copies, and in various
file formats if you’d like.

The shooting is planned to take 2-3 days on either the weekend of
November 14-16 or November 21-23 (though not every character will need
to be present the whole time except for Mark). There will also be at
least 3 days of rehearsal (at approximately 2-3 hours a piece) though
they won’t be consecutive, rather spread out based on your schedule.

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