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Auditioning actors for spec sitcom pilot

We are looking to cast a principal cast member and a few other roles for
a spec sitcom pilot about dysfunctional siblings. Although we are
low-budget, what we lack in cash we make up for in professionalism and
enthusiasm. The production is led by an award-winning director (Houston
International Film Festival) and the DP and camera/lighting crew are
from Troublemaker (Robert Rodriguez’s studio), with production staff
from HBO’s True Blood. Actors from both the local talent pool and New
York have already been cast; we are searching for similarly
serious-minded (yet funny; this is a sitcom after all) actors to round
out our core cast. Although this is scripted, improv actors are
encouraged to audition (we revere the art of the ad lib).

CONNOR: Male, 30ish lawyer; alternately the
friend/confidant/crush to the members of this Motley Crew

EMILY: Female, 21-36, a potential love interest (of the brother and sister)

We also have a number of featured and background roles:

MUSICIANS/BANDS (featured roles): All types and sounds (with a sense of
humor as well as talent, as some will be asked to play “poorly”). Good
opportunity for screen time and to show off your comic (and musical) chops.

RESTAURANT/BAR PATRONS: These are mostly background roles but a few will be given lines and featured.

We are shooting the weekend of July 17-19 (only Connor will be needed
for more than a day) and will rehearse July 14-16, so please be aware of
these dates before submitting.




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