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Actors needed for the feature film “The Gospel Truth”

Casting Call Details:
Auditions for the feature film “The Gospel Truth”. Appointment slots are available between 6pm and 9pm. Sides
will be available for cold-reads.

Roles are paid.

Roles needed:

Cougar: Cougar is 40+ man and is ragged and crazed from years of substance abuse and
life on the streets. He is prone to outbursts of nonsensical rants. Cougar lives under a
bridge with his friends, Pearl and Scatdaddy. We are looking for someone who looks like a
roadie for Rob Zombie.

Pearl: Rode hard and put up wet. Lots of miles on Pearl. Pearl is a woman of
undetermined age. She turns tricks and lives under a bridge with her husband, Scatdaddy.

Scatdaddy: A man of few words. Scatdaddy’s age could range from mid twenties to early
seventies. He constantly itches and grooves to the beat going on in his own head. He
lives under a bridge with his old lady, Pearl.

Took: Took is a man in his twenties. He is very put together and very smart. He is a
librarian and is homosexual. He does not live under a bridge.

Judith: Judith is an overweight actress.

Heathward: Heathward is very haggard and worn. He has been working as a techy in
theatre for forty some odd years. He is constantly intoxicated and always has a cigarette
clenched in his yellow teeth.

Hannibal: Burnt-out Eighties Hair Metal Singer. Big hair. Leather-clad demon. Now in his
forties. He has a bad British Accent.

Blind Man: A homeless blind man. He should look haggard, old, and wise.

Augustus: A white preacher in his 60’s.

Jonah: Newspaper Editor

Banker: A banker

Country Farmer: White man in his fifties. Redneck.

G-Men: FBI types. Three needed.

Generic Presenter Man: Clean-cut man. Official looking.

Georgia Wentworth: Old Church Lady

Jonathan: Thin man in his early twenties.

David: Muscular man in his early twenties.

Lazarus: Fit man in his twenties.

Lot: Man in his fifties.

Lot’s Daughters (2), Mary, Martha : All should look like adult movie stars.

Meredith: Eighteen-year- old actress. Should be able to pass for younger.

Mommy: Mother of a five year old. Frumpy.

Waitress: Voluptuous woman, age ranging from 18-40.

Casting Call Location: Austin, TX
Casting Call Contact:

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