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Seeking female for GA Meth Project PSA – Marietta, GA

Casting Call For “GA Meth PSA”
Shooting Locations: Marietta, GA
Production Title: Georgia Meth Project PSA
EKR Films is casting for a PSA to serve as a senior thesis. Shooting will begin Feb 26 2011.

Casting MALES and FEMALES of the following ages and races:
(1) Adult female, Caucasian, age 18-23, dark hair [lead]

— Submit your Head Shot & Resume

PRODUCTION DETAILS: The Georgia Meth Project PSA is being shot for a senior thesis. The production crew includes well-crafted, professional senior level Art Institute of Atlanta students who dedicate their time to making productions run smoothly while still creating a fun and creative atmosphere. Final results will look stunningly cinematic, as this project will be shot in full HD.

LOGLINE: Two best friends find themselves in a deadly predicament when one overdoses on meth, and the other is left with the horror of what she’s done.

SUMMARY: Two best friends, Mikaela and Louise, have been using meth for only a few days and they already crave more. It has started to take a toll. Mikaela goes to a party; she tried meth with a random stranger, and fell in love. She shares everything with her best friend Louise, even this. They are both feeling it run through their veins, until Louise falls off the toilet she was sitting on. Mikaela looks in her direction, but she is too high to care. Louise has overdosed. As some time has passed, Mikaela finally looks over at what was her friend. In her high state of mind, she sees Louise rise from her body and scream “You did this to me!” This statistic appears on screen: “35% of Georgia teens see little to no risk in tying Meth,” and “Georgia Meth Project, georgiamethproject.org,” logos and contact information.


Mikeala is young and reckless, a teenager who lives for the moment. She’s the domineering type, the girl who likes to be the center of attention. She’s manipulative, daring, attractive, but her tragic flaw is being dependent on dangerous substances.

This is a non-union film.

Compensation: Actors will not be paid, but will receive meals and a master-quality video of project, if cast.

Casting Calls Categories: PSA Casting Calls
Audition Date: Casting will be based primarily on headshot and expereince
Project: GA Meth Project PSA
Location: Marietta, GA

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