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Atlanta, GA Casting Calls: Open Audition for the Film “Trevon”

Casting Call Details:
Project: “Trevon”
Category: Open Casting Call
Location: Lantawood – Star Theatre, 840 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd Atlanta, GA 30310

Trevon, a teenager becomes an orphan after the death of his mom. He gets shuffled around from place to place, getting exploited wherever and whenever possible. Getting in with the wrong crowd, a gang of petty thieves and weed sellers, Trevon begins doing some things which he knows that he shouldn’t do. Is our family and custodial system designed to create and destroy as many Trevons as possible? This is a family action drama you can’t afford to miss.


Trevon – is a young, good-hearted, and kind–but often mistreated–orphan who is raised in a the projects, and finds himself indentured, living with drug dealers and thieves, and eventually taken in by the kind Mr. Brown and Mrs. May. His generosity of spirit is total, and even when faced with serious maltreatment, he never loses his sense of morality or kindness. AGES 14-17

Mr. Williams – The adoptive father to Trevon who treats him like dirt. AGES 40-60

Boosie – a teenager about Trevon’s age but with the airs and manners of a man. He is Fat Sack’s best thief, and it is he who finds Trevon and leads him to Fat Sack. AGES 14-17

Fat Sack -An older man, with a villainous-look. He is the leader of a gang of boy thieves, and a very greedy and vicious man. It is Fat Sack who tries to turn Trevon into a thief. AGES 35-60

David Brown – a very respectable-looking man, who has had his heart broken many times. He takes a liking to Trevon even after suspecting him of stealing. AGES 35-60

Slick Tim – Fat Sack’s right hand man and also a thief. A stoutly-built man in his thirties, Slick Tim is a vicious housebreaker and thief who often works with Fat Sack, and is involved with Nancy. He often mistreats, and eventually kills her. AGES 25-40

Nancy – Slick Tim’s girlfriend, Nancy is a young woman and prostitute raised into that profession by Fat Sack. Nancy eventually betrays Fat Sack to save Trevon. AGES 20-35

Monks – The older half-brother to Trevon. He offers to pay Fat Sack to corrupt Trevon, so that he may have Trevon’s inheritance. He is in his late twenties, but haggard in appearance. AGES 20-25

Mrs. May – is an older lady, who despite her age is very dignified and stately. She is the mother of Harry May and the adopted aunt of Keisha. In her kindness, she takes Trevon in. AGES 40-60

Keisha – Mrs. May’s niece, a beautiful seventeen-year-old woman, who is both intelligent and perfectly kind. She is an orphan who is taken in by Mrs. May, and ends up marrying Harry May. AGES 16-25

Harry- Mrs. May’s son. He is about 25, has a frank and handsome face and an easy demeanor, and is deeply in love with Keisha. Although first ambitious, he chooses to be come a fast food manager so that he will be on Keisha’s level, and she will agree to marry him. AGES 20-30


Production begins August 2012 so YOU MUST BE AVAILABLE TO FILM IN August and September 2012.
Pay is $10 an hour, paid 30 days after release. Movie to be released this November.

1. Talent must audition in person.
2. Bring your head shots.
3. Selected talent will be required to sign a contract.

PARKING – Free at the West End Mall. Theater is directly opposite the Mall entrance on Ralph David Abernathy Blvd.

Casting Calls Categories: Independent Film Casting Calls / Paid Roles Casting Calls / Open Casting Calls / Teen Actors Casting Calls / Lead Roles Casting Calls
Audition Date: DATE – August 3rd 2012 TIME- 6.00 p.m. till 9.00p.m.
Project: Open Audition for The Film “Trevon”
Casting Call Location: Lantawood – Star Theatre, 840 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd Atlanta, GA 30310

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