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URGENT CASTING: Auditioning for Short Student Film: Redemption’s Song (San Diego, CA)

Looking for actors for a short, 20 minute student film being shot in San Diego, CA. Unpaid (will provide lunch) but will be happy to provide actors with a copy for their reel.

Story: A woman loses her husband and job and must learn to accept why the difficult things happen in life. She comes to terms with her husband’s death thanks to a kindly older woman.

Casting For:

Jan Michaels—Twenty-seven-year-old woman. Very secure in her job as a top insurance agent. She’s very organized and responsible and likes to be in control of situations. She is married to a man she met in college who is everything to her. Her parents died as missionaries to Africa which caused her to turn away from God. Instead of letting her life fall apart after her parents died, she tried to control every aspect of her life in order to be a success and to be safe and secure. Part of her security comes from being accepted and loved by her husband and the other comes from success in her job.

David Michaels—Twenty-nine-year-old newspaper journalist. Loved his wife Jan since he first met her in college. Treats her with love and respect and enjoys surprising her with little gifts, showing himself to be a romantic. He tends to be more laid-back than Jan and brings peace to her craziness. He is more religious than Jan, but he understands why she left her faith. Eventually, he wants to have kids and provide for his family.

Larry Walter—Jan’s boss. A businessman at heart, he believes sacrifice is necessary in order to get what you want in life. Puts work above all else in his life and doesn’t see anything wrong with that. Not a very personable person. He deals with his employees in a businesslike manner.

Alice—Gentle elderly woman about 75-years-old that lives in Jan and David’s apartment building. She has a strong faith in God, genuine joy, and a gentle spirit. Widowed at the age of 50, she has learned to be independent, though her age hinders her to be fully active in life. She does not let that get her down. She doesn’t have a lot of visitors. Her two kids live out of state and have their own busy lives.

Can set up private audition times – please let me know!





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