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Casting Male and Female Actors for Student Film “Skies of Fire” – Tempe, AZ

Tempe, AZ Casting Calls:
Through the use of an ancient and unknown technology, a sinister spy is able to jump decades into the past and future and alter the course human history. Skies of Fire is an Sci-Fi/Action story that follows an American Pilot from World War II as he chases a the evil spy through time in efforts to stop his catastrophic changes to the already unrecognizable time line. Imagine a modern day where the Nazi’s had never been defeated and America, crippled from a nuclear war, is on the verge of collapse.

Role 1:
The Doctor
Male, 40 to 59
The doctor is never called by name. He is there to patch people up and keep them alive. He is an older “gentlemen” in his late forties to fifties. He has a bit of an attitude and anger problem, but he does his job well when the time comes.

Role 2:
Kris Grier
Female, 18 to 25
Kris, or Kristine, is a very beautiful yet fragile girl. Future daughter to Keith Grier, she possesses her father’s intelligence, but not his courage. She is a very loving person and cares about the people in her life a great deal, especially Leroy.

Role 3:
Keith Grier
Male, 26 to 39
Keith is an up and coming pilot for the British royal air force. He is very intuitive, and curious of situations not normal to him. He is Leroy’s best friend, and speaks with a British accent. He will have two ages in the film. One in his early twenties, and the other in his forties.

Role 4:
Alandra Lambert
Female, 18 to 25
Attractive, tough natured, sarcastic, and smart are the best words to describe Alandra. She has that attitude that conveys she takes no shit from anyone, and would rather not show that she has feelings and emotions that can get damaged.

Role 5:
General Derrik Kershner
Male, 40 to 59
Kershner is one of the main antagonists in the film. He is a strong German military leader with goals that he will accomplish if it’s the last thing he will do. He will spare any person if the situation calls for it because he has no respect for human life at all.

Role 6:
Agent Harrison Foster
Male, 26 to 39
One of the main antagonists in the film, he is a very sinister man, with a very authoritative look and manner of doing things. He is a natural born killer, and leader for evil. He is extremely intelligent and has trained skills in weaponry, as well as martial arts. He can lie well due to the fact that he has mastered the skill of espionage. For his skills, he has earned much respect by the people he has worked for. His past before his career is unknown.

Auditions Located @ Arizona State University – COOR HALL – RM 174 on September 4, 2010 from 9:30 AM – 4 P.M.

976 S Forest Mall
Tempe, AZ 85287

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