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Casting Call this Saturday 11-7, student film in Detroit MI

Casting call will be held this Saturday from 2:00pm to 5:00pm, will possibly go a little after that. The casting call will take place on the Wayne State University Campus in the Old Main building on the 4th fourth floor room 4130, the address is:
Old Main
4841 Cass
Detroit MI, 48201

If interested please send messages using contact form below.

Plot synopsis: Eliott Alsoran is a weakened man due to his wife’s and her recent decision to divorce him. His son, Riley, is still very young and sees the world through childlike eyes, wanting only for his father to be happy. When Eliott discovers that his wife, Sophia, may be infatuated with another man, he begins a desperate journey with his son to find the perfect gift for her. In the end, Eliott is left to discover that it’s not always about what we want but what we need, while Riley begins his journey to adulthood, leaving a small part of his childhood behind him.


Eliott Alsoran: A heavy hearted man currently struggling through a divorce, which he does not want, from his wife. He has a seven year old son named Riley who he loves dearly. Eliott is at the breaking point concerning his wife and he’ll do anything possible to convince her to stay. He believes she is seeing another man when she begins frequently wearing the man’s sweater jacket. Eliott’s quest in this story is to take his son out and simply find that sweater jacket to purchase for his wife. As Riley watches his father, he begins to understand that Eliott is so broken that he’s been reduced to a sweater as his last hope. Looking for a male of any race or ethnicity and anywhere between late twenties to late forties.

Riley Alsoran: A young boy of about 7 who just wants his dad to be happy. Riley has generally been a carefree boy in his young life and currently faces an uncertain future. Riley goes on a journey with his father to find the perfect gift for his mom while trying to understand why his father grows increasingly distraught. Looking for a young boy between the ages of 7 to 12, any race or ethnicity.

Sophia Alsoran: A strong willed woman, independent and loving. She is currently in the midst of a divorce from her husband Eliott, stating she is simply not in love with him. Thought people blame Sophia for the effects of her divorce on her family, she remains steadfast in her decision. Sophia loves her son and wants what’s best for him despite his confusion over her choice to divorce Riley’s father.

Riley – Older (Narrator): An older Riley will narrate the story as well as having a physical role in the film. He is a worn down version of the young boy, yet still hopeful and optimistic. Looking for a male anywhere from the ages of 18 to mid twenties. Any race or ethnicity.




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