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Casting Call for Southern Artists’ Adieu Short Student Film – Atlanta, GA

Casting Call Details:
We are a film class producing short films. We are holding a casting call Sunday for a film to be shot the first week of March. We are looking for:

Caucasian Male: 20-30 (Role of Anthony, a music producer and the boyfriend of Mia… A sarcastic jerk but he doesn’t know it)

African- American Female: 20-30 (Role of Mia, a new artist showing her pieces at an art gallery. Very humble and nice. But ambitious and headstrong)

Caucasian Female: 20-30 (Role of Leslie, Mia’s best friend. A rock magazine editor, so very liberated, tattoos and piercing but still knows how to be a classy lady)

African-American Female: 20-30 (Role of Summer, Mia’s best friend. A poet/artist. Very sweet and laid back, sort of shy)

Female: 25-40 (Role of Sandra, an editor at the gallery writing a piece on Mia, sort of modeled after Edna from the Incredibles)

Male: 18-25 (Role of Spencer, an annoying art buff who is somewhat of a stalker of all things artistic.)

Male: 20-30 (Role of Bruce, the security guard. So we are looking for someone muscular and tough)

We are also looking for extras for a crowd to be in the art gallery. We are looking for anyone between 18-60 to come out in cocktail attire and be at the gallery.

Any interest respond which part you are interested in and I will forward you the side for the audition.

Casting Calls Categories: Student Film Casting Calls / Lead Roles Casting Calls / Short Film Casting Calls
Audition Date: Sunday February 17 from 4-8pm
Project: Short Student Film–Southern Artists’ Adieu
Casting Call Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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