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Auditions for Student film in VA

Portfolio Project Temporarily Titled Harvey
Start Date: August

STORY LINE: An acclaimed novelist finds herself interacting with her lead character and former imaginary friend. Heartfelt drama with elements of humor Drop Dead Fred meets Stranger than Fiction.

[AMANDA] White, late 20s-mid 30s. Classically beautiful, though weather worn. Is suffering from a combination of depression and writer’s block. Amanda has always done what other people told her to, and though she’s found success, it all now seems hollow. Looking for an actress willing to take risks in their appearance to externally display internal feelings.

[DAN] White, late 20s-mid 30s . Absolutely gorgeous specimen. Model good looks preferred. Dan is a character brimming with charisma, part-James Bond/part-Indiana Jones. Dan is Amanda’s childhood imaginary friend, and the main character in a series of action adventure novels. Looking for someone to both play the role and also model for the book covers.

[A.J.] White, early 20s . Attractive with wholesome demeanor. A.J. is artistic, care-free, and has a Pollyanna view of the world. A.J. is Amanda’s new next door neighbor.

[AMANDA’S DAD] White, able to play 30-40s and 50+. Looking for actor who will link two separate time periods in Amanda’s life: Childhood and Adulthood. Struggles with hard times during Amanda’s childhood but goes onto become a pillar of strength in her life.

[YOUNG AMANDA] White, 5-8. Looking for average little girl. Is the younger version of Amanda. Creates Dan as her friend to compensate for tough times in her life. Need someone who can play both outgoing and precocious, as well as subdued.

[KATHERINE] White, 30+ A career woman and mother of two teenagers, Katherine is Amanda’s editor and friend. Would like a distinguishing accent.

[MONA] White, 30+ The beautiful and mysterious woman who Amanda’s Dad is destined to fall helplessly in love with. Looking for someone who can play both this key role, as well as a far more mysterious ethereal role. Brief appearances will be scattered throughout the film to add to the aura of mystery for this character.

Project Information: We’ll be shooting in August, with final dates to be determined with dates being scheduled after consulting with actors and available crew. Several rehearsals will be required for the Amanda, Dan, and A.J. roles, and at least one rehearsal with all cast. There will also be a read through for everyone involved on the project. This is a student film, all roles are volunteer. All participants will receive a Credit in the film and DVD copy of the film.

Auditions will be held at Regent University, in the Communications and the Arts Building, COM Room 103; from Wednesday June 4th through Sunday June 8th.

Auditions are by appointment only, submit for your 15 minute audition. Times available are:
Wednesday June 4th: 1-9 pm
Thursday June 5th: 1-9 pm
Friday June 6th: 1-5 pm
Saturday June 7th: 6-10 pm
Sunday June 8th: 2-6 pm

Please bring your best monologue and be prepared for a cold reading. Sides will be given.

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