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Los Angeles, CA Casting Calls: Seeking Actors for Short Film “Dancing with the Train”

Project: “Dancing with the Train”
Casting Calls Category: Short Film
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Casting Call Details:

This short film is about two best friends living in a small beat up town. The characters are a little trashy and come from trailer parks. The film opens up with Flip getting in a brawl with his mom’s boyfriend, Keith. Keith kicks Flip out of the house. Flip leaves and meets up with his friend Tommy who lives in a trailer park with his pregnant girlfriend, Samantha. They decide to go out and shoot a gun that Tommy owns. They stop to pick up bullets and also for Flip to visit his girlfriend, April, at the bar where she works. They go out to the middle of nowhere to shoot the gun. While messing around with the gun, the gun suddenly goes off for no reason and almost kills them. Tommy is in utter shock while Flip is not phased at all. Tommy is confused to why not Flip does not care they almost died. As they are walking off, it is seen that Flip is bleeding through his shirt. The End.


Role 1:
Male, 18 to 25
Tommy is age 20-24. He is the best friend of Flip. He is smart, tall, and not too muscular. Tommy is a redneck.

Role 2:
Male, 40 to 59
Keith is in his 40’s. Built strong and hard headed- an arrogant asshole. He is the boyfriend of Flip’s mother.

Role 3:
Female, 18 to 25
Samantha is Tommy’s pregnant girlfriend. She is brunette and skinny. She is passive.

Role 4:
Female, 18 to 25
April is hot but in a trashy way. She is a rundown townie girl that has a long past with Flip. She is very sassy. She also is slightly curvy. An example of this type of character is Blake Lively in “The Town”

Role 5:
Male, 60 and older
Buster is the owner of the gun shop where Tommy buys bullets for his gun. He is old and fat. Buster is nice and has a redneck twang.

Submission Instructions:
If you would like to audition, please respond via submission form below.

I will send you the audition location and audition times.

Casting Calls Categories: Short Film Casting Calls
Audition Date: July 2nd
Project: Dancing with the Train
Location: Los Angeles, CA

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