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Casting Call for Short Film “It’s Not Ok” – Atlanta, GA

Casting Call Details:
3rd Fathom Entertainment is seeking Local Actors for short film production starting (TBD). Principle Actors will be needed for 2 days of filming. This is a non-paying role but meals/credit/copy will be provided. Submitting to Sundance and other film festivals in the coming months.

Please send a current headshot and resume. Auditions will be conducted by appointment.

Synopsis: Drama

“It’s Not Ok” is about a woman who through great personal triumph and determination overcame the intended destruction done to her life by her unfaithful husband. This story takes place in small town U.S.A. with all the charm of southern aristocracy. As the wife of a doctor, Sandra Boyer, lived the life of a respected woman in society and adored mother to her children. She is a member of boards and many organizations. However, behind the reflection on the glass you could see the cracks in the foundation. Everything wasn’t as it appeared and what you really saw was a woman trapped in a life that was being manipulated by her controlling husband.


Sandra Boyer
Lead. Female. 36‐40. Caucasian. This is the kind of woman that exudes poise, grace, and sophistication. She doesn’t have to try, it was bred into her. However she is a pistol when pushed.

Neal Boyer
Lead. Male. 36 ‐45. Caucasian. This man is a charming, personable, and demented individual. He has the ability to convince anyone of anything. He is the kind of man that can lie with a straight face.

Chase Boyer
Supporting. Male. 18‐20. Caucasian. (Can pass for 16). Handsome young man, but shy. Slender in build and artsy in personality.

Chelsea Boyer
Supporting. Female. 18‐20. Caucasian. (Can pass for 16). Pretty young woman, but brash and outspoken. Thicker body type but not overweight.

Supporting. Female. 36 ‐40. Caucasian. Seductive in personality this is the type of woman they whisper about at the bridge club. She isn’t friendly unless there is something in it for her.

***Information can also be found at www.3rdfathom.com.

Casting Calls Categories: Short Film Casting Calls
Audition Date: August 11 & 12
Project: “It’s Not Ok”
Casting Call Location: Atlanta, GA

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